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Petals of Life Book Review

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Title: Petals of Life: A Survivor's Writings
Author: Candice M. Martin
Publisher: Publish America (December 12, 2005)
ISBN: 1424127637
Pages: Paperback 106 paperback

About the Author: Candice M. Martin, born in the small town of Elkhart, Kansas, Candice M. Martin, started writing at a young age, as a means to cope with the abuse that surrounded her. As she grew older, the abuse seemed to follow her. After moving from one foster home to another, Mrs. Martin found herself becoming more withdrawn and even to this day she still sometimes finds herself dealing with the “invisible complex”. Even though there were many struggles that she faced, Candice still managed to graduate from high school and had dreams of attending college. But at the age of 17, Mrs. Martin found herself facing yet another obstacle in her life-epilepsy. To this date the seizures are still not fully controlled and she relies on the love and assistance of her husband as her full time care giver. From childhood physical and sexual abuse, battling an uncontrolled disease, to being raped at age 19, Candice soon found herself in a violent relationship with that “perfect gentleman”. As they say, “appearances are not always as they seem.” Though it took almost 2 ½ years for Mrs. Martin to find the strength to leave, she now realizes that had she not gotten out when she did, that “perfect gentleman” would have taken her life. All of these things and so much more has gone into Mrs. Martin’s writings. Line by line tears are inked into the very essence of her work.

For years Candice did what she was told and kept quite about the secrets she carried. In fact, until her book came out in December 2005, she really didn't go in the specifics of her past, nor did share her writings with many of her family members. Sure they read some, but not the darker ones-the ones that contained so much of her pain. It took her a long time to even think of actually seeking out a publisher-not because it wasn't her dream, but because she didn't want others to think she was certifiable after they read her work. But after a while, Candice didn't care. Candice had written what she’d went through and her writings were her voice-an affirmation of her past.
She met her husband shortly after that and expected the same treatment volatile treatment she had became used to throughout her life. When it didn't come, she found herself trying to make it happen. She’d pick fights just because. Candice wanted her husband to hit her-in that "She deserved it" way. After a while she began to realize that he wasn't going to treat her that way. She says that he has been the best thing that has ever happened to her and she thanks God for him. They recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary in March 2006. She still battles PTSD and depression, some days worse than others. Through it all, she writes. Candice says that her husband is the main reason that she submitted her book to the publisher. That same drive and push has now lead Mrs. Martin to finish her second book, “Reflections In My Tears” which is due out fall 2006. She hopes that her words will help someone who has gone through the same thing or is going through the things she has gone through. "Petals of Life: A Survivor's Writings" is at the major online bookstores, as well as most brick and mortar stores.

She and her husband currently have no children, but do have plans to have a family in the future. They currently have two cats that consider themselves their children. The Martin family reside in central Kansas.

About the Book: "Petals of Life"


This is a segment from the poem, “No Longer Afraid” this is just one example of the poetry that you will read in, “Petals Of Life: A Survivors Writing’s”.

“Petals Of Life: A Survivors Writing’s” is very well written with passion and truth, deep, dark passions from a woman that survived serious abusive ordeals through out her life. Her truths are spoken through her poetry, they are truths that to some may be very hard to consume or understand.

The feelings that you as the reader will experience will be sorrow, tears and pure hatred of the abusers. The poetry you will read will be sad, lonely, shocking, humiliating, and even dark in some places. These are words of necessity, a necessity to be free of an ugly past that can haunt the victim for ever.

This is a book written with all of the pain and humility that the author, Candice M. Martin was forced to live through.

Through this book, Candice begins her inner healing road to a freer and more peaceful inner self.

I will end my review with a sad segment from another very well written poem by Candice M. Martin.

Everyone thinks she fell and broke her arm-
No one thinks mommy or daddy could do any harm.
I may be little but the truth I know-
They hit Sissy blow by blow!
I’m nine and have a story to tell,
Too many years of a living Hell.
I watched Mommy get mad because she caught Daddy in the act-
Lying naked with Sissy on her back.

Recommendation: Womensselfesteem.com recommends the book "Petals of Life", to anyone that needs to feel that they are not alone in the world of abuse. It is not a book written to make you laugh or smile. It is a book that was written to wake people up to the fact that there is abuse going on everywhere, every minute.

My heart goes out to any innocent victim of abuse. I also pray that all abusers will someday have to pay!

Candice, thank you for your courage and strength that you have shown in your efforts to deal with your haunted past and share them with myself, womensselfesteem.com and its readers.


Petals of Life Is available for purchase@ AMAZON.COM




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