How to Avoid a Stupid Man

A Woman's Guide to Attracting Her Soul Mate




L.E. (Larry) Coleman has spent the last twenty-five years working in the field of mental health and social services. During this time, he has held numerous positions in The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration's Public Assistance Division, and the Department of Mental Health. He has also worked in the private sector assisting social services and mental health professional with delivery of various services to seniors and low-income families. He attended Ivy Tech State College and Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis. He is the author of How To Stop Hatin Yo Baby's Momma: A Spiritual and Emotional Guide for Non-Custodial Fathers, The Black Man's Little Book of Success Secrets: 7 Spiritual Secrets for Breaking the Curse of Poverty, and We the People of Colors: For Sale to the Lowest Bidder(release date: Fall 2008) Mr. Coleman is also a singer/songwriter and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, The Songwriters Guild of America and other songwriting communities. He is co-founder of Crowner-Coleman Publishing and he now resides in Indianapolis with his wife and son.



L. E. Coleman can and does in his book: HOW TO AVOID A STUPID MAN!  A Woman's Guide to Attracting Her Soul Mate.

This book is very well written in a resource/workbook style. It is reader friendly and easily absorbed. HOW TO AVOID A STUPID MAN is based on the Authors thoughts, knowledge and life experiences. He shares with his readers, very effective ideas and strategies on how to prepare yourself before, during and in continuance in regards to relationships and choosing your life partner. His approach is comical, witty, even spiritual in many areas.                                                                   
You will find that L.E Coleman's words have a mysterious ability to delve deep inside of your mind and stir up  certain curiosities regarding your self-image and wonderments of who you really are. You will even feel the hairs on your neck raise (I know I did) as you read his spot on analogy's to where we conceived our initial self-image thoughts. He also shares with you interesting concepts on how very much your own self-image can destroy any attempt at choosing a partner. L.E.Coleman is very skilled in accomplishing his goal in leading  his readers to open up their minds long enough to identify with so many of his suggestions. His use of phrases like this one:
"You're emotional content is full of images. You are the image of your parents who shaped and modeled you after themselves"
This is just one of his many thoughts that you will experience and share within this book! highly recommends: HOW TO AVOID A STUPID MAN as an important part of ones course to be included in their life's lesson in preparing and choosing one's life partner!  The author sheds light on  many questions we have all struggled with in the back of our minds as to why relationships have failed and why we continually attract or choose the wrong person for our life partner.  I guarantee that this book will leave you looking at yourself under an entirely new light! Thank you L.E.Coleman for sharing your fantastic insight and pleasant spiritual quotes with us. 

Publisher: Crowner-Coleman Publishing
ISBN 13: 9780989064494
Pages: 160

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