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About the Author:
I've been blessed with the gift of encouragement, which I share freely and with great joy. Originally from Harlem, NY, I now reside in Florida. I am the mother of seven beautiful people, the grandmother of a small and beautiful nation, an entrepreneur, and an award winning first time author of a new release – Facets, Phases and Transformation; a book of inspirational poems and short stories. My book is geared to both genders, all ages and covers every aspect of life. It is based on my life experiences, observations and spans decades; this is a timeless work of insights and encouraging tidbits that keeps the reader coming back for more.  
My fascination of diverse cultures creates in me a love for traveling. I have been blessed with the opportunity to have traveled to some of the most exotic and extremely exciting parts of the world, some of the places I visited were Haiti, Egypt, Israel, China and Lhasa, Tibet. I look forward to a trip to Kenya in the near future. I have written many different articles about these far-off and interesting places. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things and in the near future, I look forward to sharing more of my experiences and the miracles that I witnessed in my next book. I have a love for photography; I enjoy making jewelry and other hand crafts such as greeting cards, etc. I am extremely proud of my fountain pen collection, particularly my  Lipstick Pen by Monte Verde;  I use my Sheaffer Caligraphy pen to sign autographs.

About the Book:
The title of this poetic read, Facets, Phases and Transformation basically speaks for itself. This very well penned collection of thoughts is truly inspirational, spiritual and empowering. Terry A. Virginia expresses her ideas of nature, life, personal well being, even depression through her words of wisdom and personal relationship with God..

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends Facets, Phases and Transformation as a passionate and compassionate book of poems and stories that will take you the reader on a soul searching journey. There is no doubt that you will feel
absolutely refreshed, renewed even transformed once you have opened your mind to the words in this book!

A few exerts from my favorite writings by Terry A. Virginia.

Aim high, be strong, think positive
Leave negative pasts behind....

Take your kind thoughts, kind words and love
Please give them to the living....

When things seem wrong
And you don't know what to do
Keep your faith call on the Lord
Let HIM live through you...

You talk the talk but
Do you walk the walk
Are you living the life you are preaching...

Because someone may not like you
IS not necessarily a sign of envy
You just may be unlikeable to them
Take a look at yourself....

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DorothyL@womensselfesteem.com (03/09)




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