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"Women helping women build self esteem and confidence"


These are some of our Favorite sites

We feel that these websites have something of value to offer our guests

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Websites are listed by Category

Abuse/Legal Resources
Womens self esteem brings you links and resources concerning abuse in this section. Resources for abuse.
Baby/ Childrens Resources
These are babies and Children links and resources for Womens self esteem. These links can vary from baby diapers to children books and anything in between.
Beauty/ Self-image/ Inner Peace
These are links and resources for womens self esteem that relate to beauty and self-image and self-help. If you are looking for various self-help links, this is the place.
Girls to Teens Sites
Teens helping Teens build self esteem and confidence! Anything Teen related goes here. A happy Teen is a happy family.
Health/ Medical
All Health and Medical related links are found in this section. Your health will definitely play a major role in womens self esteem. Links offering effective and up to date Information regarding Breast Cancer, Clean Water, Holistic Fitness,  ADD, Stress & Relaxation, Menopause, Peri-menopause, Anger management, Obstetric & Gynecology issues, Physiological Traumas associated with PTSD, Disassociation, and much more!
Parenting links for you. Anything from kids health to parenting forums. If a woman has good parenting skills and healthy kids, it will surely help with a womans self esteem.
Recall Guide
Recall Guide a helpful tool that features information about prescriptions including any recalls and side effects as well. This site reveals information on over 100,000 FDA medications.
These are all links related to relationships. With the right resources for relationships, and some proper guidance, womens self esteem can soar.
Women's Interests
Well, this seems to be a popular area for building womens self esteem. This is kind of a mix-match area also, but gets quite a bit of attention. Anything related to women specifically, you will find here. From fun social groups to womens soccer.





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