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Women helping women build self esteem and confidence


These are some of our Favorite sites

Well, this seems to be a popular area for building womens self esteem.

This is kind of a mix-match area also, but gets quite a bit of attention.

Anything related to women specifically, you will find here.

From fun social groups to womens soccer.

We feel that these websites have something of value to offer our guests

 "Women helping women build self esteem and confidence"

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Alive Magazine

Alive Magazine is a nonprofit publication put together entirely by and for young women, offering them the opportunity to create the media they wish to see. Alive Magazine reinforces the fact that there is more than boys and sex on young women's minds, and rather than providing unrealistic ideals and images to strive to emulate, we feature the real lives they are already living. 
Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends 'ALIVE MAGAZINE' as a read that does not waste your time and will make you feel so much more like a womens of empowerment...just as you should! -DorothyL

A Fun Social Group for Divorced & Separated Women!

Laugh, Dance, and Move On with our Social Sorority of Divorced Women into a new life of friendships and activities!
All ages welcome.

A Guide To The Mastery Of Life

A step-by-step guide for having life work. Learn how to have love in every relationship and every aspect of life. Topics include healing, self esteem, letting go, relationships, prosperity, life purpose, and spirituality. This site can change your life.

Anew Self Esteem 4 Women

 Helping women to spiritually build self esteem, confidence, and self worth by sharing encouraging, inspiring tips and strategies that will help enhance your everyday life.


Between the ages of 42 and 59 there is a revolution in women’s lives that doctors call menopause. Astrologers have three names for it: the Uranus Opposition around the age of 42, the Chiron Return at 51, and the Second Saturn Return around 59. These three stages that span the entire menopausal experience are the rites of passage into our wise woman years. Like any journey they have their merciless moments of drama as well as quiet epiphanies. But how might menopause be different if these times came with an instruction manual like some of us received when we turned 13? “This is menstruation! Welcome to Becoming a Woman.” How might it be different if we did get a menopausal map?

A Woman's Resource
The premier site for women, with information on parenting, pregnancy, fashion, home decorating, careers, home based businesses, daily horoscopes, women's health, beauty, and more! See for yourself why A Woman's Resources was voted as the premier site for women!
Dating Tips

Dear Dating Tips,
I'm really new to online dating. I'm wondering if you could let me know some of the online dating dangers that are out there. Thanks. ~ Trying to Avoid the Danger
Dreams Alive
What's Stops You From Getting The Results You Want Most? Sometimes in the course of your day to day businessyou stumble upon something that so dramaticallychanges your life you just can't help but share it with other people. Yesterday was one of those days. I was talking to my friend Paul Bauer, and he told me about his new course called the "Secrets of Manifesting". So, I was curious to know more and asked Paul to send me a copy to evaluate. *****And am I glad I did******
GOOD MIND: Gemma Summers
Gemma Summer's, coaching and psychotherapy practices are guided by the following values and vision:
People Focused: Holistic: Modern: Well Researched: Synergistic: Relational.. for more, please visit her website~
International Woman Magazine

The Magazine Connecting Women Around the World!

life coach

Life Coach Web Solutions provides the professional and high quality web designing at flexible rates.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

For over 15 years we’ve been helping families like yours connect with leading mesothelioma lawyers in their area. There are many law firms that handle mesothelioma cases, and your choices may seem overwhelming. We clear through the confusion and help you locate only the top lawyers.

We pride ourselves on helping you make the right decision for you and your family.
Miss Forums

A Positive all ladies chat forum. We discuss self esteem, body image, being a female, entertainment, advice, fashion, and other things that matter most to females.


Women's Issues - with information on womens health, beauty & sex tips. Join other women like you to use articles, free e-cards, biorhythm calculator, online journal, forum and more!

Online Dating Magazine

Many popular online dating services require you to have a profile header (some sites call it "headline" or "opening line.") This headline shows up when someone searches for profiles. Many of these headers are populated with overused phrases like, "I might be the one you're looking for!" To get more people to click through to your profile, it is important to put some thought into what the headline should say. So pull out some chocolate and let's brainstorm... SEE ALSO: Online Dating Profile … [Read More...]

Outdoor Beyond

Come enjoy an adventure with Outdoor Beyond, where we offer Women's Group Travel.

Shushann Movsessian
Shushann Movsessian is a counsellor, psychotherapist and coach in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, NSW, Australia
"The D.e.v.a In You"

D.e.v.a is a Women's Event Planning Group catered to empowering and uplifting women from all walks of life. With a higher focus on organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls, D.e.v.a's inspiration came from this need to help women discover the D.e.v.a (Divine, Exalted, Voctorious, Angelic) within. D.e.v.a focuses on four key areas; Health and well being, relationships, personal/spiritual growth, and professional development. "Believe In The D.e.v.a In You!" Says Founder, Elizabeth Correia. Elizabeth is REAL woman with a REAL story, that strives to help REAL people.

She continues her trust in God which empowers her to be the woman she was born to be. None of which she believes would be possible without BELIEVING!
She is currently writing a memoir titled "If You Played In My Playground"
A book about her life/journey before and after finding self-love, happiness, peace and God. She plans on releasing this book in 2012. Elizabeth holds nothing back in this elating but tear jerking story.
Hypnosis could help restore a low self-esteem

It is very essential for an individual to have a healthy self esteem in order to live a successful and happy life—both on a personal level and professional level. Self-esteem refers to the amount or dose of realistic respect that you possess for yourself. Individuals with a healthy dose of sense of worth realize that they deserve the good and best thing in their lives while those who suffer from low self esteem feel that they truly deserve all the bad things that happen in their lives.

The Work at Home Woman

WAHM Zone.com The online community for Work at Home Moms. Your COMPLETE source for home business information, work from home jobs, and all the support and advice a work-at-home mom could ask for. Our goal is to bring this to you in the most professional manner possible ALL IN ONE CENTRAL LOCATION.
werner earhard

We share some of the most important historical material by Werner Erhard, including articles on personal development, business leadership skills, and corporate performance management.

Womens Calender

The Women's Calendar is the largest listing of women's events covering every possible venue, topic or issue important to women. Women's Calendar is a superb networking tool for women.

Women Living Naturally

Women Living Naturally was created to help women find healthy solutions to many health concerns.













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