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Self-esteem Tips for Women


Self esteem tips for women. The only way to change is to MAKE it happen!


Self esteem Tips for women that are accurate and effective!

There are so many different tips that are very effective in raising our self-esteem. Some will work for one and some will work for another. It is important to continue feeding our minds with healthy and positive suggestions.There are quick and easy ones, and there are also more philosophical ones. It really does not matter how short or how long each tip is as long as it works for you.  

Our self-esteem develops and evolves throughout our lives as we build an image of ourselves through our experiences with different people and activities. Experiences during our childhood play a particularly large role in the shaping of our basic self-esteem. When we were growing up, our successes (and failures) and how we were treated by the members of our immediate family, by our teachers, coaches, religious authorities, and by our peers, all contributed to the creation of our basic self-esteem.
 Self-esteem is also an indicator of lower stress levels and thus better health both mental and physical. These tips will help you achieve better health that will lead to a much more satisfying life. 

~~Our Tips for you~~

**Never let how others think, talk or what they do, define how you choose to love and accept who you are.

**Media's expectation on the beauty and sexiness of a women is nothing more than a learned behavior. 
**There is no reality in that what-so-ever except the obsessed way of thinking in which you allow.
**Food is not your enemy, it is in the allowing of messages from others dictate to you, thier ideas on what perfect is~
**There is a belief that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if there is any truth to this, you must not have your eyes open when looking at your own reflection.
**A positive self-image is vital to our own reflection, as we will never be able to see ourselves through another persons eyes, only our own.
**Self-improvement is all about those a-ha-moments and you can never overindulge in those.

** When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you will do is stretch...stretch and feel how good that feels.

**Take a long look at yourself in the mirror, give it a few minutes until you have passed the...ewwww, look at all my imperfections reaction. Then keep looking and you will notice those imperfections slowly become a familiar beauty.

**Throw out all of those so called beauty magazines...why continue to fall into the medias traps of  their view on what beauty is.

**Go through your wardrobe and replace all of those way too tight pants and low rise jeans for a style that your body type looks best in.

**Embrace your age...remember it is aging that allows to continue to grow and experience life.

**Spend less time reading negative articles and more time reading positive information that will make you feel good about you.

**Stress..stress go away and come back in 100 years or so! Get rid of as much stress as you can. You will be surprised at how much better and how much easier it becomes when you remove 1 stressful thing a day!

**Sleep zzzzzz' is a must. Resting your mind and body is essential in gaining strength to carry you throughout lifes daily challenges.

**One and two and three...stretch and bend...EXERCISE your negatives away ...breathe in and feel that adrenaline like it was fresh water running down your body.

**Take a long bath or a long shower, whichever makes you feel more renewed.

**Go for the greens and the reds...veggie it as much as you can. Those healthy foods are not called healthy for nothing.

**YOGA it, meditation is a whole new world and a very effective relaxation strategy. We cleanse the mind through learning relaxation techniques as well as the stress levels.

**READ a lot...reading is where the mind can subconsciously be freed from the realities that stress us out.

**Take a few minutes to pat yourself on your back for the good things that you accomplished today, Lord knows you do that with the negatives fast enough!

**Think happy thoughts, for example...a baby laughing or smiling for the first time, a puppy playing, an amazing insight that escapes from a child's mind, dolphins swimming freely.....

**If you like to garden, plant some new flowers..or start a garden..nothing is more rewarding than watching something grow into beauty.

**Be true to yourself and trust in your Beauty and Uniqueness. Spend less time worrying about how another perceives you.

**Work on balancing all of your emotions...try to feel more positive than negative about the small stuff.

**Stay Unique, don't fall into the world of plastic people! **Be your best friend...you are responsible for your own happiness.

**Just smile and be you, A very unique you, A very special you.

**If you can feel the sunshine and the rain on your face, the wind blow through your hair, you are alive! SO live.

**Remember that only through your failures can you find success.

**Start each day with this though and make a habit of repeating to yourself...I am UNIQUE....I am SPECIAL....I am STRONG.

**Try, Fail, Try again, Fail again, Try Harder, Fail Harder, no matter, Try Better and you will Fail Better.

**It happened, it's over, it is past, deal with now and look forward to tomorro.

**Start each day with this though and make a habit of repeating to yourself...I am UNIQUE....I am SPECIAL....I am STRONG.

**When you compare yourself with another, you are in-fact abusing yourself by destructing your own self-worth and self-esteem!

**Personal Change is very tough and it calls for perseverance....but it is so worth it all.

**You have the gift to choose...if you choose to lay down and die, then you will....if you choose to get up and live, then you will!

**To envy another is a symptom of low self-esteem and solely disrespects your own uniqueness. ....envy no one but yourself.

**How you are thinking right now will determine the outcome of the rest of your day, so think POSITIVE.

** Realize who you are and don't put more expectations on yourself than you can handle about who you are or what you can give.

** A positive balance is vital in how you feel throughout the day when thinking about who you are. So, why not focus on the good stuff about who you are~



Most of all Ladies...KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


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