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"Women helping women build self esteem and confidence"

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Free Happiness And Self Esteem Tests, Articles, quotes, Poems and Mini-course.
Dating Advice!
More than 500 dating service reviews and 600 dating advice articles.
We have the relationship advice information you seek. Creative Dating Advice
Creative dating tips, tests, quizzes and love guides for success in relationships.
Divorce As Friends - And Maybe Save Your Marriage
Divorce As Friends And Maybe Save Your Marriage - As featured on Oprah and recommended by The Wall Street Journal - Articles, resources and support to help end conflict, heal hurt and restore love, one human being to another.
Help For Pornography Addiction And Sex Addicition

 Learn about the two-part brain...
The most comprehensive professional explanation of pornography addiction available. Learn the keys of why/how addiction happens and how the process of change and sobriety begins. This is vital knowledge for addicts, loved ones, or anyone striving to better understand this addiction.

How to Spot a Dangerous Man
Inner Bonding
Learn the transformational Inner Bonding healing process and find help with relationships, addictions, parenting issues, aloneness, spiritual connection, anxiety and depression. FREE course. Books, workshops, retreats, and phone sessions for individuals and couples.
Is Pornography Addicitve?

In November 2004, a panel of experts testified before a Senate subcommittee that a product which millions of Americans consume is dangerously addictive. They were talking about pornography. The effects of porn on the brain were called "toxic" and compared to cocaine. One psychologist claimed "prolonged exposure to pornography stimulates a preference for depictions of group sex, sadomasochistic practices, and sexual contact with animals."

Marriage Counseling

Jay Slupesky, MFT is a licensed marriage counselor in the East Bay area with offices in San Ramon and Livermore.
Marriage Problems offers programs that can save your marriage visit our website to hear how others have been successful.

4 Practical Tips to Kick Pornography

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Pornography Addiction

With the technological advancement pornography is now easier than ever. Today it is not hustling to the magazine stand for the new addition of Playboy, but a simple click of a button in the privacy of ones own home. Because it is so easy and relatively cheap there are thousands of men and women alike suffering from porn addiction. Now some might laugh and say that a person can only become addicted to hard drugs or alcohol, but research has shown that a porn addiction can be as devastating and strong as a chemical addiction. Defining addiction has always been a sore spot for individuals and professionals alike. What some may consider a problem others may see as only a bad habit. What differentiates between a simple look at porn for a thrill from an addict? Is it the amount, type or consistency? That is exactly the reason for this article, to help others understand what an addiction to pornography is, how to tell and what to do.

Predict My Future
'A Psychic Boutique' of Enlightened Spiritual Readers...the best that the Metaphysical Profession has to offer. This website of gifted advisors, along with various services available, was created to establish creditability in this industry and offer gentle guidance by predicting the future.
Talk About Marriage

The Marriage & Relationship Forum

The Marriage Counseling Blog
Discussions on Marriage, Family, and Counseling.
Sig Yanosway is a top health blogger on Wellsphere! This is also a community of people who care about health and well being!
This site consists of a group of veterans (women and men) who experienced MST (military sexual trauma).
We ask that veterans "pay it forward" by helping 3 other veterans during their lifetime. Some veterans have donated money they receive from their VA claims to others women vets who may still be homeless, or having problems with bills. This is sporadic, and not required.
Why Men Withdraw.....

Why Men Withdraw - Learn The Secret To Attraction
Why A Man Gets Physical & Then Pulls Away

Why A Man Gets Online Dating & Personals

Search thousands of singles personals photos or chat on live video.
Find local singles for a casual date or romance.





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