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Lemonade Street
Love is like Lemonade: Sometimes it's Sweet, sometimes it's sour!

TITLE OF BOOK: Lemonade Street:Love is like Lemonade:Sometimes it's sweet and sometimes it's sour!
AUTHOR OF BOOK: Bernice Angoh
PUBLISHER: Publish America LLL
# OF PAGES:200


Bernice Angoh is originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Bernice Angoh is the eldest of five children. She is a mom, a wife, an author, songwriter, an aspiring photographer an entrepreneur and editor-in-chief of Lades' Success Magazine. Along with her husband, Bernice owns and operates Langoh.com. They have one daughter to date named, "Nina" whom is their little princess not to mention their pride and joy.
She has been nominated several times for poet of the year and held semi-finalist twice. Bernice also won three editor's choice awards for her poetry in 2003, 2005, & 2007.
Bernice Angoh is also known as a poet, lyricist, song writer, novelist, children’s book writer, aspiring photographer and entrepreneur. Not only did her own life's traumatic ordeals and challenges inspire Bernice to write, but so did everything and everyone around her. These facts prove that her writing poetic abilities are truly by nature!
In her very own words, “I fell in love with words at age 10 ”and “I never stopped writing after that. Writing kept me going through several ordeals in my life.”
Bernice Angoh's ability to share her thoughts through lyrics and poetry shows a natural talent and writing ability.

Complete Me
I don't need you to complete me
I am already complete
I don't need you to bring out the best in me
I've already done so,
I bring out the best in myself.
(Bernice Angoh)
If you are looking to find poetry or lyrics that take your mind through thoughts of romance, love, desire, hurt, deception, sensuality, relationships, fantasy, acceptance and many more emotions, then come with me and take a walk down, "Lemonade Street".
In this very interesting book you will read about emotions that challenge each and everyone of us through our daily lives, in our very own hearts.
Your emotional self will be met with a sense of bitter sweetness as the authors words unravel and flow throughout your mind and body. You will feel drawn from one thought to the next out of pure curiosity and appreciation of how your own life reflects before you as you continue absorbing the
words before you.
"This book is dedicated with love to those who love!" The dedication by the author in itself reveals the sense of purpose behind the book, 'Lemonade Street'.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, "Lemonade Street' as an insatiable, sensual, realistic and very well written book of lyrics and poetry.
This read is an excellent source of personal empowerment, self-healing, self-realization and a must for any reader who loves to love and can relate to the reality of being human!
Thank You Bernice Angoh for sharing your talent with us through, 'Lemonade Street'.




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