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Abuse Questions for Women

"Know Thy Self"

Abuse Questions for Women

This is the Abuse questions for women section. I ask the Abuse based questions and you provide the answers! The answers that you provide are not for anyone else to read. (We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission.) By answering these questions, you will be thinking about how you feel about specific subjects relating to your feelings and how you normally handle specific Abuse issues in your life. Answering these questions will make you think about how well you deal with your abuse issues and also how you could better deal with those issues at that same time. You may find as you're answering the abuse questions that you are responding to the questions in terms of how you would, ideally, like to be. Please resist that temptation and answer, instead, from a place of complete self-honesty. Answer as truthfully as possible and try to write a detailed answer. Your own words WILL help you more than you can imagine!


If you do NOT feel like using your own email address or real name, you are welcome to use a fake name and womensselfesteem@hotmail.com for the email address.

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These questions are for YOU to get to know YOU!

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