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A Childhood Taken Away Book Review

A Childhood Taken Away by a Mother and Grandfather


 Linda Sommer Farley


About the Author:

Linda Sommer Farley was born in Springfield, Illinois. She has been married for thirty-nine years and has ten grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. Her story tells us what life was like for her growing up. She shares with us the trauma of having an abusive mother with a gambling addiction, and how it effected her throughout her early life. Linda Sommer Farley came from a large family, of eight children. She was the sixth of her siblings and she shares her memories of being soley responsible for her younger siblings when her father was at work and her mother was away gambling. She also expresses her embarrasment of growing up poor, and the challenges she was faced with through her school years due to her poverty. Linda also allows us to feel her pain, her fear, and her total loneliness, when her grandfather abused her at one point in her life. Linda shows her readers how to be strong, and keep moving onward and upward. Linda Sommer Farley's reasons for her book are simply to reach out to others that are suffering and to show them that they too can rise above it all and change their lives. Her book is inspirational as well as motivational. A True Gem! Linda Sommer Farley is a proven author and survivor.

About the book-

A childhood taken away is a well written, very easy to read story for women with physical and mental abuse issues. The contents of Linda`s story ranges from feelings of lonliness, a need to be loved, to enjoying the small pleasures of life.

 WomensSelfEsteem.com's Review-

Linda Sommer Farley`s story captured my interest mostly because of her strength as she continued to move forward in her life. She shows women that it is possible to take control of every situation and make choices toward a better life. "A Childhood Taken Away" is written with intelligence and very good articulation. Inspirational as well as motivational. A True Gem! Linda Sommer Farley is a proven author and survivor. Linda has articles published in various magazines and I look forward to more of Linda`s life experiences.

(We believe that "A Childhood Taken Away" is of great value and has something special to offer our guests.)

  Womensselfestee.com's Interview with  Linda Sommer Farley:

Linda's Author Interview





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