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AUTHOR: Sarah Sentilles
PAGES: 352



SARAH SENTILLES earned her master of divinity degree from Harvard and is the author of Taught by America: A Story of Struggle and Hope in Compton. She lives in Camarillo, California. Sarah is available to work with communities of all kinds-divinity schools, churches, seminaries, temples, mosques, book groups- about the challenges of facing religious communities in the twenty-first century.


A CHURCH OF HER OWN is a very well written, excellent factual book of truths. Sarah Sentilles writes with an intent and the results are amazing and unveiling to so many of us people outside of the pulpit world.

Sarah reinforces an old adage, "Rome was not built in a day", neither will women be accepted as priests in the churches even in our society today. The unfortunate evil of politics, power, and the so called, 'Old boys school' reigns in every aspect of our lives purpose as you will read in this book.

A CHURCH OF HER OWN captures very real experiences which reveal to us the humiliation, silencing, abuse, (mental, physical & sexual) that women have endured over the years. The women you will read about in this book are of all ages, race, denomination, and class. These women range from many levels of ordination, anywhere from one year to decades.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: A CHURCH OF HER OWN as a very shocking realization and compelling book of historical and present day facts. It shows clearly and irrevocably, the struggles and nightmarish experiences of women yesterday and even still today as they continue to move forward in finding equal acceptance as a human being who is dedicated, faithful and loyal to serving God~

If you at all interested in what is really going on in our society today in regards to womens issues, I guarantee this book will not only surprise you but will also change your thinking on what really goes on behind certain closed doors!

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