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About The Author:
Harriet Vines, Ph.D. is an experienced author, lecturer and retired college professor who has appeared on radio and TV. Intrinsically motivated to research aging, Dr. Vines quickly discovered most of us do not exercise the power we have over the process. Now she is sharing results from 15 years of
consultation, workshops and lectures at Leisure World, Canyon Ranch, Independent Retirement Communities, and adult education programs in her newest book. "Age Smart has the information and techniques you’ve been looking for so you can age the way you want to. Go For It!"

About The Book:
Age Smart is a very well written and informative learning tool for all who want to learn to AGE SMART!
This book will guide you into positive, effective and long lasting habits so that you can enjoy your quality of life to it's fullest. It will also clearly teach it's reader the importance of how together, mental fitness combined with a healthy lifestyle, will empower you to age successfully.
You will feel the effects of personal-achievement as you complete each exercise in the Mental Fitness Workout which is found in every chapter.
Age Smart is structured so that you can retrain old habits as you learn new ones in regards to doing it right and making your changes last a life time.
Harriet Vines speaks through her own experience as she herself uses her own methods of teaching to Age Smart.
Self-acceptance, healthy self-esteem, a zest for life, energy to get you through the day and up the next morning to do
it all over again is what life is all about. These are results that you will feel when you follow through with the strategies and techniques taught through this book.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: Age Smart to anyone that takes life seriously and wants to get the most out of the gift that they have been given. This book has the key and you have the ability to turn the key and unlock so many doors that have kept you from being the best you can be.
Live life like it is meant to be lived, healthy, happy and fit!

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