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Alcoholism Questions!

Are you an alcoholic?
Ask yourself these questions.......


Do you drink for all the wrong reasons?

Do you have a reason?

Do you even need a reason?

Do you drink more than 3 times a week?

When you do drink, do you find it difficult to stop after one or two?

Do you find yourself telling yourself that you will only have one drink tonight?

Do you drink to loosen up and build up your self-esteem?

Do you ever drink first thing in the morning?

Do you drink to escape your reality?

Do you get drunk alone?

Do you think that you can control alcohol better than anyone else?

Do you think you can start and stop drinking whenever you want?

Have you ever driven while under the influence?

Have you ever been arrested for alcoholism?

Do you hide your drinking from others?

Are most of your friends drinkers?

Do you ever have regrets or guilty feelings about drinking?

Do people you know ever question your consumption and if they do, does it put you in a defensive mode?

Do you ever feel sweaty, shaky, nauseous, paranoid or anxious if you go a day or two without out a drink?

Have you ever hurt anyone under the influence and you cannot remember any of it?

Do you ever find that you have been incontinent because of your alcohol consumption?

Do you ever feel like everyone is watching you when you purchase alcohol?

Does your happiness depend on getting home for that drink after work?

Do you borrow, steal, or spend tomorrows paycheck to buy alcohol?

Do you put things off until tomorrow because you began to drink?

Do you miss work or school because you are too hungover?

Do you understand the term, 'Liquid Courage'?

Do you black out when you drink?

Do you hide your liquor bottles?

Do you drink at work?


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