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~Five steps for moving from pain to power~

About the Author- 

Mal Duane is the author of the No. 1 Bestseller, Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power. She has been featured on Fox 25 News, Middlesex News, Aspire Magazine and Healthy Living Magazine. Mal recently did over 30 interviews on Blogtalk Radio discussing the power of choice and personal transformation for women.
As a certified Professional Coach, Mal is deeply involved with helping women discover and use their connection with the divine power within them to become their own version of an Alpha Chick.
In 2007, she built the Katherine Holly School in Mali, West Africa. The school educates a hundred children annually that would never have the opportunity. She is also creating a fund called Holly’s Gift for educational assistance for women.  A portion of all proceeds will be contributed to Holly’ Gift.
Mal lives with her husband, Dr. Michael Pearlman (also known as Dr. Delicious) and their English Jack Russell Terrier, Hannah, in Framingham Massachusetts, where she works, writes, speaks, and supports women in being the best they can be.
About the Book-
Ask yourself .....
How do I find myself?
How do I control my life?
What is Divine Guidance?
Where does my strength come from?
Is it easy to take a hold of my own inner power?
How far do I have to go before I find my inner power?
How do I begin my steps to reach my true Alpha Chick self?
Do I allow external forces or Media to affect my own self-acceptance?
Mal Duane provides you with these answers and much more through her book, ALPHA CHICK.
Through her own self-reconstruction and soul searching, Mal shares with you her experiences of trials and tribulations in overcoming and taking control of the challenges in her own life.
This book, not only enlightens you, but proves to you, how through meditation, journaling, prayer and FAITH- focus, acceptance, identify, thoughts, healing/helping, you can find your true inner strength which will allow you to reach your own ALPHA CHICK destination.
Read how it is possible to embrace the challenges that life throws at you and allow your inner self and strength to deal with and conquer those challenges once you find your true inner power of your own self-love.
Womensselfesteem.com: highly recommends ALPHA CHICK as a truly motivational, empowering self-help book written with the purpose to teach and guide you through using Mal Duane's,  'Five Steps for moving from pain to power'. 
Have you ever found yourself frozen in fear, trapped in a prison of loneliness and self-destruction with nowhere to go 
and noone to talk to.. if so, this book offers you effective information and ways to reach your freedom and inner peace. It  is a much needed self-help resource that will guide you to your inner most power and strength to be an Alpha Chick.
This truly is a unique gift of self-love from Mal Duane to you, her reader~
In Mal Duane's own words...
"The most important relationship you will have in life is the one you will have with 
yourself, so why not make it a good one"
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