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About the Author:
BRUCE J. GEVIRTZMAN is a high school English teacher who has also, across 34 years, served simultaneously as a sports and debate coach. Also Chief Playwright for Phantom Projects, an acclaimed youth theater group that has performed across several western states, Gevirtzman has authored and directed more than 30 stage productions. He has been featured in
programs aired on NBC and PBS, and in the Los Angeles Times. Gevirtzman also runs workshops for educators focused on teen issues.

About the Book:
An INTIMATE UNDERSTANDING of AMERICA's TEENAGERS is truly an indepth journey through the challenges of being a teenager
and having to deal with their own upbringings, peer
pressure, teachers, the educational system, and even societies judgments. Through his writings which include various conversations with students, memorable situations, indepth discussions in
his classrooms, Bruce J. Gevirtzman shares his own personal life's experiences as a teacher, mentor, parent and also a teenager. He brings to the forefront a new understanding to the constant misunderstandings and hoplessness that so many
adults experience when dealing with teenagers.
The book is very well set up guide with the authors thoughts at the end of each chapter as it pertains to each topic.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends:
~Shaking hands with the Aliens....as a true grit reality check and very much an educational eye opener for anyone dealing with today's teenagers and their coming of age challenges. This book an excellent source of guidelines and of much needed hind site for all all educators and/or any profession dealing with pre-teen/teens and most definitely
parents. If we feel like we are shaking hands with aliens when we are dealing with our teens...imagine how they feel when they are shaking our hands.
There is two and sometimes three sides to everyone's story.


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DorothyL@womensselfesteem.com (03/09)


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