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An Invisible Prison: A true story of survival Book Review

Susan Armstrong with C. K. Clarke

About the Author: Susan Armstrong, resides in Canada with her husband and two sons. She is a professional speaker and trainer to over 20,000 people throughout her career and has helped many to overcome self-imposed barriers to personal and professional success.
Susan shows amazing courage and confidence in her ability to share her most inner pain and sorrows in hopes to help other women that may be experiencing abuse in their life forcing them into, “An Invisible Prison”.
Thank you Susan for sharing your story!

Author Interview: with WomensSelfesteem.com- Click here to see it.

About the Book: "An Invisible Prison":
Imagine yourself, feeling so lonely and hopeless and having not a single drop of self-worth.
Imagine that you allow alcohol to be your leader in the game of life at an age of twelve years old.
Imagine waking up and not knowing what you did or how you managed to find your way home after a party.
Imagine allowing drugs to be the only road that can take you away and free you of this black hole that you wake up to every single day and fall asleep in every single night.
Imagine truly believing that you are less important than a dog and you find that abuse is the only real true feeling that you can identify with as love and affection.
Imagine that you look at your parents and sister through a glass window, waving at them as they walk past you, not even acknowledging your existence for fear of what they may never be able to understand.
Imagine having to lower your self-respect to the point of selling your flesh for three dollars a dance or being told that you can only work in a bar as a waitress or a stripper.
Imagine sitting, holding your partners hand while he is having sex with another.
Imagine going to work with cuts and bruises all over your face.
Imagine feeling a man’s boot almost penetrate right through your stomach.
Imagine falling down a metal stair case while you are pregnant with what would have been your first child.
Imagine not even realizing the strength it takes to survive all of the above and become a woman of substance.
This is what you will read in, “An Invisible Prison”. It is,”A True Story of Survival”.

This is not a book that will make you smile or feel good. This book tells a story of a very young girl that confuses her acceptance in her father’s eyes and allows that to remove all of her self-worth and self-esteem to grow and flower as a women should.
You will not feel good while reading this book because of the reality that it portraits in the world we live in. The abuse that you will read and imagine will make you cry. The frustration that will fill your veins when you read how Susan continues to keep herself down and returns to a world of abuse will make you want to walk away from the book. What will keep you reading on, is the amazing strength and pure guts that Susan shows in her attempts to find a life that she knows is her only sanctuary. Her story of how she continues her need to survive will also keep your need to read to the bitter end in hopes that it will turn out to a happy ending, one that you will already be certain that she deserves.

Recommendation: Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends the book,” An Invisible Prison: A True Story of Survival”. This story was written with true genuine feelings and put together in book form with excellence.

Reviewed by DorothyL@womensselfesteem.com





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