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Is our world not troublesome enough with everything that man has created in his need for greed? I have always believed that technology was going to be a means to our end.

So as all of the world continues to turn, I continue to offer a little bit of an escape through my site. I was asked to share this article on breast augmentation, is it a good thing or a bad thing? You tell me what you think after you read this article. Please feel free to send your comments to dorothy@womensselfesteem.com. I would luv to hear what you have to say!

Breast Augmentation Surgery or Natural Breast Enhancements?

Many of us would like to change something about our physical appearance. For some it is a nose that seems too large, for others, it's lips that are too thin, and for many women, it's small breasts. Countless surveys have shown that women see their breasts as one part of their body they would like to change. They feel that larger breasts would help them to feel more confident and physically appealing. To achieve a larger chest size, there is the option of breast augmentation surgery, or natural breast enhancements. The decision to have breast enhancement surgery is a life-changing one. Before taking any permanent steps, it is wise to do some careful thinking and consider all options.

Before committing yourself to cosmetic breast surgery, ask yourself why? This may sound like a ridiculous question, but many women make the decision to have breast augmentation surgery for the wrong reasons. Undergoing surgery to appeal to someone else or satisfy someone else's idea of what is sexy is harmful to your well-being and should not be the reason for your decision.

Once you have reflected on your reasons for pursuing surgical breast enhancement, it is now time to think about the permanency of your decision. Although implants can be reversed or altered, the costs associated with changing your mind are very high. And, should you ever want to have your implants removed, there may be tell-tale scars left behind. If you suspect that some years down the line you might become uncomfortable with having implants, you may want to consider a non-surgical breast enhancement option...

There are a few practicalities related to with breast augmentation surgery that you should consider before making your decision. The first being: can you afford this operation? You should never opt for cosmetic surgery over the necessities of life such as buying food or paying bills. The second practical issue is: can you afford the time after surgery to adequately heal? Your body will need some time to recover and the first few days may be slightly painful and uncomfortable. Be sure that you do not have to return to work immediately following your procedure. The last practical issue to consider is: have you done adequate research on your doctor? Before any surgery, you should take the time to gather information on your surgeon; you may want to know how many breast augmentation surgeries he/she has done and if patients were satisfied with the results.

In many cases, women are so excited about the prospect of having larger breasts that they forget to research other ways of increasing bust size. Natural breast enhancements can be achieved with the help of supplements, specialty bras and subtle bra insertions. All-natural supplements are a reliable way of achieving fuller and firmer breasts over time. In addition, special bras and bra insertions are available to give you the appearance of having larger breasts.

You can have the chest size that you have always wanted. There are surgical and non-surgical options that will surely give you the effect you are looking for. However, before making any big decisions regarding breast augmentation, carefully consider every aspect of your conclusion. Know that whatever decision you make, your goal is to have results that are satisfying to you!

About the Author: Jan Steels is the research consultant for The Breast Augmentation Guide  She is part of a growing trend of women who seek less invasive ways to achieve the body they desire.

Thank You so much Jan Steels for this article.



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