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Before It Had a Name

Jacqueline Barry


About the Author:

Jacqueline Barry was born in 1953 and has two sisters and a brother. Raised in Metro Detroit until she was 13 years of age when her mother remarried and moved to a tiny town where life became hectic with a new family. Married at eighteen years old she gave birth to her first son who, at two months old, died of crib death. She later had two more sons who are now grown and have families of their own.  She acquired the writing bug after the death of her first son and went on to write poetry and short stories before the publishing of BEFORE IT HAD A NAME. She is now happily married to her HERO and has added his son, his son's fiancée and his daughter to her loving circle.


About the Book:

 Have you ever felt like you were standing outside of your own mind, watching as someone else was in control of your words and actions?

 Have you ever had someone tell you about an incident your were involved in or caused and you had no recollection of it?

 Have you ever felt like your brains were spinning in tow maybe even three different directions at warp speed all at the same time?

 Before It Had a Name is not only a bold recount of a life in the mind of a personality disorder but a very well penned summary of Jacqueline Barry's life as she has experienced all of those questions above. The inconceivable trauma of losing her first born son was the tragedy that caused her brain to go off track and spin into an uncontrollable mind disorder. Unfortunately it did not land where it left off. Her illness took many years to learn how to cope with it and understand it.  The authors goal in sharing her story is to offer a hind site to anyone that has experienced any signs of personality disorder which to this day remains a bit of a mystery. Also in hopes that her experience may shed some light on their own undiagnosed symptoms.


Womensselfesteem.com: highly recommends 'Before It Had a Name' for its direct approach and its effective information and strategies which offer a clear and understood awareness for anyone living a life while suffering with any type of undiagnosed chemical imbalance. This book is an excellent resource book for physicians, victims and also for families of the victims.



Jacqueline...Thank You so much for sharing with us...your story of hope and courage to keep moving forward!

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