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Blue Rain Book Review

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Blue Rain Book Review

Author-  Amanda Tofield-MacCormac

Before I get into the real introduction and my review of the book, let me just say that I have read the entire book and was entirely fascinated with the characters and the way they interact with each other. Additionally, I have met with the author more that once and have become a personal friend of hers. Amanda, has a spice for life that any woman would just die to have, and I am proud to have her as a friend.

"Blue Rain" is a compilation of fictional short stories and vignettes; although, some are loosely based on the author's journalistic/life experiences with names changed to protect the guilty and the innocent! "Blue Rain" is comprised of 33 separate stories, with each story based on relationships. These relationships range from simple friendships to lovers to marriage. It's about expectations, acceptance, encouragement, and patience, all of which we as women, crave for so desperately.

Here is her Bio: Amanda Tofield-MacCormac grew up in the South of England. She attended business and language school in London, worked there until she turned 21, then moved to New York City. Time Inc. employed her in NYC, Paris, and Brussels. She raised two daughters during her time in Brussels and later in Yardley, PA. Amanda also attained a degree in massage therapy and stage make-up (in French) whilst in Brussels, and subsequently worked in both fields. She has authored two books of poetry and has written articles that have appeared in a variety of publications. Amanda now lives in Edgewater, Florida, overlooking the Intercoastal Waterway.

WomensSelfEsteem.com's Review-   "Wonderfully Exciting and will give you a Zest for Life. You will look forward to every turn of a page."

The cost of the book is $10. That includes shipping and handling. You can't beat that price with a stick! At todays prices, this is a steal! If you are further interested in "Blue Rain", please use the contact page on this site to inquire.

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