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Below you will view a few different video's in regards to what women are and have been struggling with for decades. Yes, decades. It is not just something that has appeared in the last 10 years.

Body image issues started at the beginning of time when women were left in packs while their men went away for amounts of time to hunt. In those early days, men had more than one woman due to a woman's menstrual cycle. This is why each male had several wives as we call them today.

In the time the men were away, the women began to learn what competition was all about. They communicated and through that communication, comparison and body image were born.

Just a little history for those of you that have never wondered just how far back our female issues began.

The video's below are about facts and statistics in regards to women today and what the media has contributed to raise the numbers so extremely high where womens self-esteem, self-confidence and body image are concerned!

Is it not time to listen to our natural instincts of life as opposed to listening and believing in the false statements which  marketeers are flooding our minds with in order to SELL...SELL...SELL..?

There is no perfect body because there is no perfect human being as there is no perfect world. It is time to wake up and toss out the media in every way you can. Get back to natures basics of what life is and with that what a unique woman you really are.



Eye Opening Statistics About Body Image




BODY IMAGE Statistics




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