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Broken Chains Review
Broken Chains
Emiliya Ahmadova
About the author:
Emiliya Ahmadova was born in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
When she was just nine years old, she developed a passion for reading, literature, poetry, and foreign languages. In high school, she participated in and won many poetry competitions. Starting at the age of ten, she began writing poems and short stories in Russian.
About the book :
Broken Chains introduces three generations of women trapped in an abusive reactionary lifestyle.
The author's ability to reach out to her readers through her main character, 'Silvana', a heroine in many cases, is not only intuitive and empathetic but also very effective.
As you read each word, you will be drawn deeper into Silvana's life. 
You will take on a deep sense of her fears and loneliness of the many abusive generational relationships she faces to the point that they will become your own.
You will feel Silvana's confusion as she struggles with her religious beliefs, seeking strength and guidance that will free her from a roller-coaster of abusive relationships.
Her innate behavior to protect her children which provides her with an inner strength to break free from the chains of abuse are commendable and heroic, hense the word 'Heroine', being used earlier in this review.
Silvana's story is truly a voice of strength, promise and hope that a victim can walk away and move past a life of abuse.
Broken Chains is a compelling and heartfelt story, written with not only the authors heart and soul, but also her need to educate others who may be victims of abuse. 
In itself this book can be used as a very resourceful hind-site for all victims of abuse.
The initial focus throughout this book indirectly deals with the dynamics and scars of abuse.
This story sends several very strong and encouraging messages to victims of abuse and to those who are amidst its struggles.
1. It is NOT your fault, 
2. Abuse of any form is unacceptable, 
3. You have the right to walk away,
4. You can forgive in order to move forward.
Womensselfesteem.com: highly recommends Broken Chains for all victims of abuse. As much as it is an emotional and horrific journey, reading Broken Chains most definitely promises positive messages of hope and freedom from abuse. It is one of the most motivational stories I have read to date.
Emiliya Ahmadova
Dorothy Lafrinere



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