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Broken for You Book Review




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Author- Stephanie Kallos

Stephanie Kallos lives in Seattle with her husband and two sons. She has also spent 20 years in theatre as an actress. She has had quite a full and interesting life.

About the book- This is a very intriguing read. It shows us that we can create a family in just about any situation. It is a book about how in life we deal with losses and dis-function. It tells us how 2 women find each other and share their stories of healing. The two women are far apart in age, but still manage to meet in their minds at the same level of understanding. This book reveals many broken promises survived by these women and how they dealt with them. How they put their lives back together. In short it is about a 76 year old woman who has just learned that she has a brain tumor and meets a young women of 34 who has just been dumped by her boyfriend and is looking for a new apartment.

**This book was also highly recommended by Sue Monk Kid, who is another favorite author I have come across.**


WomensSelfEsteem.com's Review- "Broken for You" is wonderfully written by Stephanie. It will leave you dreamy with a new eye open and ready to see your world in a new light. When the pieces are put back together, you will have a more interesting picture that when you started. There is a definite wisdom recieved when you read "Broken for You". A Wonderous new look at the world from a broken point of view.

"Broken for You" is available for purchase through various bookstores and the price range is from about $16 to just over $23. To get more information, go to Stephanie Kallos' Website Broken for You.

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