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Crack Dwellers Book Review


Leslie F. Keehn


This novel focuses on women's body / self-esteem issues.

 The main character, Crystal Ackerman, is a size-20 attorney who is learning to accept and love herself just as she is, without attempting to conform to society's unrealistic beauty standards. Living in the gorgeous Southern California beach city of San Diego, Crystal Ackerman cannot easily ignore how much a woman’s appearance really does matter. And since her size 20 body does not conform to society’s ideal, she feels as though she has fallen through the cracks, isolated and lonely.

  Author, Leslie Keehn wrote the novel as an alternative to chic lit (such as "Bridget Jones' Diary") which she found uninspiring and often degrading to women. Leslie was especially tired of these heroines' self-degradation, and obsessive focus on finding a man and having a baby. In Crack Dwellers, the focus is on the heroine's journey to accept herself - just as she is - and to form meaningful relationships with the women in her life. Female friendship is an important topic for Leslie because she so often sees women portrayed as competitors rather than allies - typically competing for the attention of men with the attendant focus on physical beauty and sex appeal. In contrast, the heroine in Crack Dwellers has no love interest - there is no romance. This is important to the author and to Womensselfesteem.com, because self-acceptance and the ability to form deep friendships with other women is such a critical foundation for building healthy self-esteem and enjoying a satisfying life.

WomensSelfesteem.com's Review- a wonderful, awe-inspiring treasure.





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