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"Know Thy Self"



This is the Dating questions for women section. These questions will help you become more aware of whether you are truly ready to date!  I ask the Dating based questions and you provide the answers! The answers that you provide are not for anyone else to read. (We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission.) By answering these questions, you will be thinking about how you feel about specific subjects relating to your feelings and how you normally handle specific Dating issues in your life. Answering these questions will make you think twice about how well you deal with Dating and how prepeared you really are to date! Your own words WILL help you more than you can imagine!

You may find as you're answering the questions that you are responding to the questions in terms of how you would, ideally, like your dating experiences to be. Please resist that temptation and answer, instead, from a place of complete self-honesty. You may not like some of these questions, but answer them anyways. Sometimes how you see yourself is not so pretty, until you completely know yourself. Answer as truthfully as possible and try to write a detailed answer.

If you do NOT feel like using your own email address or real name, you are welcome to use a fake name and for the email address.

If you would like a copy of these questions and your answers sent to your email address, please ensure that the box below is checked. I will then send it to you ASAP. These questions are for YOU to get to know YOU!


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Do you beleive dating one or several people before choosing a true companion?
Do you beleive dating is a gamble?
Are you prepared to invest time and energy in finding an equal partner?
Are you prepared to suffer from a broken heart if the dating stage of your relationship fails?
Do you feel confident with who you are and what you look like to step into the dating arena?
Can you accept that your date may not feel that you are not what he is looking for in a partner?
Have you ever been cheated on while dating in your past?
If you have been cheated on before...can you put it behind you and accept a new date with trust?
Do you date someone because of their looks or personality?
Have you ever dated a married man?
Have you ever found out after your were dating that he was marrried and if so what did you do about it?
Have you ever used a Dating Service? If so...what were the results?
When do you think sex should be introduced in dating?
Do you beleive online relationships can work?
Do you beleive in interrational relationships and if so have you ever had one?
If you have /had a daughter, what age would you allow her to date?
Have you ever been worried about Date Rape or been raped on a date?

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