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Drifting Book Review

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Author- Stephanie Gertler

This is Stephanie's third book and it is a very good read. She resides in New York with her husband, three children, 5 dogs. Stephanie also writes a monthly lifestyles column called, "These Days" for two Conneticut news-papers. Stephanie also has two other books already on the shelves: "Jimmy`s Girl" and "The Puzzle Bark Tree". Those are on my list of books to read as I so enjoyed, Drifter.

About the book- This story is about a woman who`s mother left her at the age of 2. Her father raised her as best he could. Years later, she has married and raised two children of her own always wondering in the back of her mind how a mother could just up and leave her child. She never really addressed this issue though, instead she filled her life with her husband, children and her work as a phycologist. It was only when she was experiencing, "Empty nest syndrome", that she could no longer avoid her curiousity about her mother. In the story she meets a father and daughter that also become a part of her own past in many ways. I will stop now. This book had me reaching for it constantly. It is well written and I totally recommend it. It is a feel good story!

WomensSelfEsteem.com's Review- As we all have our issues from our past that we work so hard to avoid, this book is proof that those issues can only hurt us or someone else in the end, if not dealth with. I recommend this book to anyone that thinks life is better when they decide to not confront their past. This is a very good feeling book!



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