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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome PSA

When a women consumes/abuses alcohol during her pregnancy, it will without a doubt put her unborn child at risk of severe birth defects.

When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it  passes across the placenta to the fetus, which is exactly how alcohol consumption  can and will harm the baby's development.

There is no safe amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The more alcohol a pregnant women  consumes, the greater the damage to her unborn child.
More than not...alcohol consumption during pregnancy has been proven to be the number one cause of a child's birth defects.

The first three months of a woman's pregnancy is her most delicate and harmful to the unborn child. This is common knowledge...DO NOT any amount of alcohol during these precious months!

What are you doing to your unborn child while you are having just one drink...here are some very horrible facts:

-Still Birth
-Premature Delivery
-Slowed intrauterine growth
-Poor growth in the fetus and newborn
-Possible failure to thrive
-Delayed development and signs of mild-to-moderate mental retardation
(IQ will range from 50 to 85, with an average in the mid 60s)
-Low muscle tone and poor coordination
-Irregularities of the face
-Small head
-Small upper jaw
-Short, upturned nose
-Smooth groove in upper lip
-Smooth and thin upper lip
-Narrow, small eyes with large epicanthal folds
-Heart defects such as ventricular septal defect (VSD) or atrial septal defect (ASD)
-Abnormal joints, hands, feet, fingers, and toes
-Tremors in a newborn infant
-Agitation and crying
-Strawberry birthmarks (hemangiomas) on the skin


After you have read these facts...are you going to ignore them and use the term...'DENIAL' and have that one drink?

Are you going to embrace that new born baby when his/her face is so deformed that you cannot even look at it?

Are you going to have that one small drink...knowing that you are responsible for that fetus growing inside of you....depending on you to protect and nurture them while inside of your body?

Are you going to be the first one to abuse your child?

Life is a gift...children do not ask to be born...they are brought to this world by YOU...so PLEASE cherish this gift and put your negative habits aside just this once!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not a joke....it cannot be fixed once it is broken so to speak!


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