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From an Awareness

to a Knowing


About the Author:

Rosalind is a success coach and her passion in life is to lead by example and to teach people to love themselves and believe in themselves. 
After a brain injury at age 15 left her with no memory or self esteem, the experiences she learned from living a life of hating herself and reaching to the outside world for acceptance of self has lead her on the journey where realizing that YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, then all else will fall into place.   


About the Book:

Reading, 'From an Awareness to a Knowing' most certainly addresses issues so many of us find very confusing and hard to grasp.
How can you love yourself for who you are when you base self-acceptance on things which are on the outside of you?
We all go through life wanting to please others...but at what price and to what degree?
What does the Universe have to do with my happiness?

Rosalind Thorpe shares an extraordinary story about her experience with a near death accident and how that experience forced her to find herself and learn the importance of self-love and acceptance.
Through her words we learn how to balance our inner emotions and control them to work for us, not against us.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, 'From an Awareness to a Knowing' as positive, thought provoking, inspirational, factual and a complete guide to the awareness of ones-self, hence..'A Knowing'.
It is through Rosalind Thorpe's words that you can..
'Love who you are...you owe that to yourself first'.

As the title says.....~first you are aware @ then you just know~


Revewed by Dorothy Lafrinere (03/10)





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