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"Jealousy is real.  It will most definitely cripple your ability to love yourself unconditionally." (WSE)

Through this novel, Di Ucci invites her readers into a world of love, relationships, fear  and the confusing emotional battles of jealousy.
The deeper into DI Ucci's novel you get, the more you will get to know and understand the seriousness of being impacted with jealousy.
It is a personal emotional roller-coaster that deeply affects how one sees their reality.

Through the character, Olivia, you will find yourself feeling puzzled at her decisions and how she justifies her actions. You will find yourself feeling sorry for her and cheering her on in how she struggles and battles her inability to feel safe in her relationships. This is the seemingly never ending roller-coaster of jealousy.

This story will draw you in so deep that your stomach will tighten in fear and your own mind will waver as to what is real and what is made up by the illusions created by a jealous mind.

This book is NOT just another romance story~

GOING TO EMPTY THROUGH THE TUNNEL OF JEALOUSY  is an empowering read as much as it is emotionally provocative! (WSE)


Di Ucci







Paperback: 383 pages

Publisher: Palmetto Publishing Group (April 25, 2019)

Language: English ISBN-10: 1641113235 ISBN-13: 978-1641113236



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