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Golden Girl Book Review

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Title: Golden Girl
Author: Michael Silver
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1594862540
Pages: 285

About the Author: Michael Silver is a well known and respected senior writer for sports illustrated and the coauthor of many other sports memoirs, he presently lives in Northern California with his wife (Leslie) and three children.
Through Michael’s book, "Golden Girl", he shows true self-discipline, respect and dedication to his wife (Leslie) and Natalie Coughlin, ("My Own Golden Girl").
Golden Girl shines on his professionalism as Michael describes for his reader the beauty, the grace, the spirit and the sweet character of Natalie Coughlin. Not only has Michael Silver brought to his readers this amazing true-grit story for us to be a part of, and a new understanding of the life of an Olympic swimmer, he has also opened up his own mind and heart to an equal understanding.
Michael Silver’s ability to transform the trials, the pains, the feelings of human breaking points into words is highly commendable and well exercised in his book, "Golden Girl".

About the Book: Golden Girl
was written by Michael Silver and Natalie Coughlin. It is a story mainly about three characters: Natalie Coughlin, Teri Mckeever, and Michael Silver. It would be impossible to put their names in any order of importance to this story because if any one of these names was not part of this book, the story could not be told, thereby making, "Golden Girl" impossible to complete.
Silver’s book is a story about Natalie Coughlin, who became one of the most talented female swimmers of her time. It is also a story about Natalie’s coach, University of California’s very own, Teri Mckeever and her commitment and ability to perfect Natalie’s strengths, which in time took her to the highest wins in competitive swimming. Through Natalie’s courage, elegance, and her desire to move forward and beat the unbeatable records previously set in Olympic Swimming, Natalie earned two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze. "Golden Girl", also tells of how Natalie managed to achieve the best overall performance by an American female swimmer in Olympic History.
Through this book, "Golden Girl", you are invited to feel and share some of the pains and glories that Natalie battled and won.
"Golden Girl" is not only extremely informative and descriptive in drawing a clear picture of the competitive world of swimming, it also opens many doors that allow its readers an education in regards to the discipline and reality of these dedicated athletes.
"Golden Girl" will peak the interest of any coach, athlete, or anyone that likes real life stories that show challenges being met and mountains successfully climbed in order to reach a dream.
"Golden Girl" would not be a success without the talent behind the pen, Michael Silver.

Recommendation: Womenssselfesteem.com highly recommends the book "Golden Girl" to anyone that has ever allowed the thought, "I Can’t" into their minds. The self-esteem that Natalie Coughlin shows us through her battle of wills is definitely one to be set high on a pedestal.

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