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Good Night and God Bless

Celebrating Love, Laughter@ the Lessons of Loss



About the Author:

Linda Burnhans Mission “To acknowledge, motivate and appreciate all people and inspire others to do the same.”



About the Book:

Good Night and God Bless is a heart felt, tummy tugging and truly thought provoking story, telling of one woman's journey through life and loss. This story confirms the fact that ones own faith and inner spirituality are vital in being able to deal with and accept the challenges that life has to offer within the realm of family. The author shares her story of her own realization that time stands still for no one, not even her own mother. It is a hind-site that we should all be aware of.

She also teaches us that it is through our own care-giving that we can learn to accept the end of a life that is so dear to us.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, 'Good Night and God Bless' as a true and compassionate life lesson. This story is very well written for all parents and children as a lesson of acceptance of loss, coping and learning to live with death. A certain realization is shared in that life is the time given to us to share with each other.


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Book reviewed by Dorothy Lafrinere (03/10)











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