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Good Question!

The Art of Asking Questions To Bring About Positive Change


Title: Good Question!
Author: Judy Barber
Publisher: BookShaker.com
ISBN: 1905430078
Pages: 254

About the Author: Judy Barber is a successful Author, qualified coach and leader in seminars. She is known for her book "Good Questions" and also through her unique way of teaching people how to achieve success through effective communication and understanding of their own inner balance. Judy Barber also has a B.ED in English, Psychology and Education; she also studied art therapy and anthroposophy. Judy has even been known to have enjoyed the company of Buddhists in Thailand and Devon. Another interesting title that Judy carries along with her arms length list is the title of being a Social Artist. "Social Artistry is a transformative approach to building leadership capacity." A social artist is a person that in many ways works for the betterment of our world. Judy Barber is an inspiration for us all!

About the Book: Good Question
is a book for just about anyone that wants to spread their wings and fly. It is a book that is written to help us open our minds to accept challenges that are brought to us through reading this book. It is an excellent source of coaching and teaching that is right in front of the reader. As you read this book you will find that the answers to question and words written by various authors and coaches, begins to open up your mind and an experience of "feeling renewed" cannot be helped. As I read through the pages of "Good Questions", I found that many of the questions were fairly obvious for one to ask in order to succeed in life. The fact that they were worded in an inspiring way really helped to clear up many of my own confusions about life in general and the "why’s" to many reasons of failure. The book, "Good Question" was written to teach people how to use questions as a way to create positive change in their world through answering questions through a method that indirectly opened their minds. "Good Questions" can be read once, twice or even used as a daily reading. It offers support in all issues that people face today, from self-esteem to learning how to use the tools you have in order to be a more successful you.

WomensSelfesteem.com highly recommends "Good Question" as it is a truly thought provoking and challenging read. 

Thank You so much Judy Barber for bringing this fabulous book to my world!


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