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A Family Love Affair with Gambling



 Publisher: Penguin Group

ISBN: 13;9781585425587

Pages: 240


Martha's work has appeared in magazines as diverse as the original DETAILS, The New Yorker, Fashions of the New York Times, Japanese and German Men's Vogue, The Goodguys Gazette, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Movieline's Hollywood Life. She has been an on-air contributor to VH1's Sexiest Movie Moments, Entertainment Tonight, and Inside Edition.
For the past fifteen years Martha has been the co-host of the Woodstock Roundtable, a Sunday morning radio talk-show on WDST in Woodstock, NY. The host of the show, Doug Grunther, has been another mentor to her.
Martha can also take claim to having been the moderator of the Actor's Dialogue, winner of a NYFFA Award in creative nonfiction, was the 1997 Philip Morris Fellow at The MacDowell Colony, and the 2003 Artist-in-Residence at SUNY Ulster, where she taught a class in memoir writing.


Gambling Addiction/affair & women..."A mania that holds one's life hostage"

A quote from Martha's book HATS & EYEGLASSES!

Some of you will raise an eyebrow when reading that comment.Unfortunately once you have read about Martha's affair with poker then on-line gambling, you will not feel so in doubt of the reality of women & gambling!

HATS & EYEGLASSES is a phrase taught to Martha by one of her uncles when she was a child. It's meaning, which unfolds throughout her memoirs, stayed with her all of her life. Hence the importance of using it as her title.

What is it like being raised in a family of gamblers and betters?

Is a gambling addiction something that can only happen to the other person?

These answers,  you will find out as you turn the pages of this very witty, humorous not to forget, written with a sense of purpose book . Martha's talents shine through her work as she captivates you and holds you until the last page. Her story is a must to read!

WOMENSSELFESTEEM.COM highly recommends HATS & EYEGLASSES to anyone struggling with an addiction or even just a habit of any type of gambling. If you appreciate quality writing and a book that will take hold of your mind through to the end, then this book is for you. This book truly has a sense of purpose!

Reviewed by ~D~ 05/08









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