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His Ingredient Label

His Ingredient Label

....A woman's Guide to Recognizing a Junk Food Man

J.M.Tardy, MBA/PHR
About the Author:  As a former native of Hurt, Virginia, Jennifer grew up like any small-town girl. She has always been very curious about the big world around her. She graduated from Gretna High School and then went on to receive both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia.
Jennifer currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she works in the nuclear industry as a human resources professional. As an HR professional, her research has long been in understanding the behaviors of adults in the workplace. She also sources and attracts the best and the brightest talent. Her next goal is to further her behavioral research while attaining her Ph.D.
About the Book: Its all about being able to read an ingredient label. Author J.M Tardy shares her knowledge and experience on 'how to get it right'...through her book, 'His Ingredient Label'.
Her use of food as an analogy is a very witty strategy as it does take the emotional edge off of relationships and puts it into more simpler form of thinking and/or relating to understanding where and why we go wrong in our choices in partners.
How many times have you asked yourself these questions?
Why doesn't he call me back?
Why does he only come around when it is convenient for him?
Why does he shut down when I bring up moving our relationship to a more serious level?
Why do I always fall for the same type of guy?
Why don't my friends like my boyfriend?
His Ingredient Label will not only teach you how to read through all of these courtship flaws, the information in this book will also help you see through those foggy stages that seem to blind you once Cupid's Arrow peirces your heart.
Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: 'His Ingredient Label' as an excellent knowledge base and resource for all women, single or otherwise, in the fact that we never graduate from the school of life including relationships. It has been proven over time that we learn more effectively by example...let this book be your example to learn from. Awareness, preparation and knowledge have always been the keys to any successful relationship~
Reviewed by: DorothyL   (05/10)



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