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 How 'THE' Self-esteem Test is Rated...

and How it was Designed!


"THE" Self-esteem Test for Women was designed by WomensSelfesteem.com and we have spent MANY hours researching self-esteem issues to bring you this wonderful test. Below, we will attempt to explain how we did it.


Initial Stages
There are literally hundreds of self-esteem tests online, but 99.9% of them are just trying to sell you something; example: self-help programs, eBooks, eBooklets, and eWorkbooks. We also do not charge for self-esteem coaching. We had decided, when we designed this website, that we would always give out the truth for free and that you should not have to pay for your self-esteem. Other sites only want your money. Benefiting from other peoples self-esteem issues is not, and never will be, our intention on this website.

Being that the subject of self-esteem covers such a huge area of the human psychy, we had to think long and hard as to how best to put together a test that would truly measure the female mind and how it relates only to what makes a "healthy" self-esteem. The basic facts are that men's and women's basic core self-esteem is deveoloped in the same way throughout our lives. How we act in reference to that self-esteem is very different though. The terminologies in text books and articles about human psychiatry is vast, complicated and confusing. And to be honest, many times it seems that the educated people that make this stuff up, lose focus of the real persons involved in their studies and as a result, will end up with a very confusing guess as to how the human mind works. We utilized many avenues in our research, but after time, ended up going back to the basics; for example, Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytics, other leading psychiatrists, and our own experience. Breaking down the most accepted understanding of this information into basic parts was key in determining what type of results to expect in our test. Once we decided what results we may get, we had to break those even further down to get results that could be understood by people not qualified as psychologists.


Levels of Self-esteem
In other-words, we ended up with four basic types of behaviors that the female human mind sees as a basic core self-esteem of themselves. There seemed to be no text book names for these basic levels of self-esteem that we could find, so we had to give them names. We named those four basic self-esteem levels as follows:
Healthy Self-esteem
Borderline Insecure Self-esteem
Insecure Self-esteem
Negative Self-esteem

Believe me, all of the above took a LOT of time, research, thinking, discussions, note taking, listening, reading, and even arguements. But the most important part of just getting to this point was that it had included our experience working with real women that came to the website for help, women helping women on the website, and others that did not. It didn't just come from a book somewhere.


Designing "THE" Test
Now that we had our four basic levels of self-esteem, we could begin designing "THE" test itself! The questions on the test took a long time to put together also. You have to ask the right question to get the right answer, so we almost had to work backwards. They had to give us the results that we were looking for that would place someone into one of the four categories that we had named. Knowing all that we did up to this point gave us the basic workings for "THE" self-esteem test that we now have.

Now we had to learn a whole new field. Statistics! So, after some more thinking and more research, it became evident that we would need to have four possible answers to every question and that every answer must be worth something. Only three more major decisions had to be made. Exactly how much is each answer going to be worth, where is the cut-off for each self-esteem level, and how are we going to explain the results? Well, since there were four answers for each question and four basic self-esteem levels, then there must be a total of four points possible for each question answered. Now we had to redesign each question and answer again to get a total of 4, 3, 2, or 1 points for each answer. In other-words, each answer for each question, must fit into one of the four basic self-esteem levels.

Bored with this yet? Not us! At this point our minds were spinning with numbers and psychiatry information, but we were on cloud nine with our progress. We were VERY close to getting exactly what we wanted; a real test of the female mind and how it relates to self-esteem. We had to design a test that could be used on the internet that could break down all of this information and give us a correct answer or score.

There are 71 questions on the test and maximum total of 4 points for each selected answer. Simple enough- 4 X 71 = 284. This number became our highest possible score on the test. If, for example, someone had picked all answers that were worth 3 points, they would score a 75% on the test. Again, each answer has a numeric value assigned to it, 1 through 4, and the values for the selected answers are added up to give a final total which is then converted into a percentage figure where zero percent means that the lowest valued answer was selected every time and 100 percent means that the highest valued answer was selected each time. If intermediate valued answers are selected or a mix of high and low valued answers is selected then an intermediate percentage value will result. Since the human mind is not perfect, a 100% cannot be the only score that can reach a "Health Self-esteem", so to add in (or subtract for) the human elememt, a 25% allowance on the test results was a must!

Our math added up perfect. Here's the basic scores and placements:
A score of 76% - 100% = "Healthy Self-esteem"
A score of 51% - 75% = "Borderline Insecure Self-esteem"
A score of 26% - 50% = "Insecure Self-esteem"
A score of 1% - 25% = "Negative Self-esteem"
Our website techy came to the rescue with the perfect answer for our online test to actually go online! So at this point, we started inputting all the questions and answers.


Explanation of Test Results
Our next decision that had to be made was how to explain the results. First and foremost, we knew that that the test results would give an accurate score if answered honestly by the test taker, but those results must also mean something to the test taker. That meant fully explained results in terms that are understandable. Also, with those results, we decided that we could add ways to improve your level of self-esteem. After-all, that's what we are here for! So, we went to work again, explaining in full, the test results and recommendations for improvement for each level of self-esteem, including the "Healthy Self-esteem" level (noone is perfect and there is always room for improvement). Here's a little tid-bit of info on the test: After taking the test, and you see the results page, look at the url address in your browser. It will display something like http://www.womensselfesteem.com/quizanalysis.html?cor=72 The last numbers on that url address is your test score percentage; in this case, http://www.womensselfesteem.com/quizanalysis.html?cor=72 = 72%. That will give you an understanding of how high you scored on "THE" Self-esteem Test.


Testing "THE" Test
WOW!, we had accomplished a lot, but we weren't done yet, It was time to test the test. We each took "THE" test several times and also had others take to test also. We took the test every way that we could think of, trying to get different results, and to our honest surprise, it worked flawlessly.


Be the best you can be...





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