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Inside Out Book Review

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Kim. C. Tavares

About the Author: Kim C. Tavares was born and raised in Ca. Mother of two teenagers. Kim has been writing poetry since the 1970`s as an emotional outlet. An outlet she calls, "Inside Out". It has always been a dream to publish her poetry and now she can definitely smile at a job well done, and a definite dream come true!

Kim lyrically speaks of her sexual preference and how life works against her. She also shares with her readers, her pains and sorrows that life has challenged her with and the roads she traveled to get where she is today.

About the Book: "Inside Out" is not just a book of poetry. It is a book about the life of one women and her battles that she was forced to fight and or overcome in order to survive.

The author, Kim Tavares shares through her words how she fell and got up, over and over again. In a small segment from one of her poems, ("The Story") Kim shares with her readers the beginning of her life’s struggles. This is how the author begins her Inside Out:

"Now I’m naked all over these pages,
My life and all of its stages,
From cover to cover,
You’ll soon discover,
The view from the depths of my soul..."

The book, "Inside Out", is very well written in both description and riddle. It is poetry that will have it's reader feeling like they have been in the author’s shoes at one time in their life. It is poetry written through years of struggle and inner personal cleansing, following up to a true love, a love which is up against all odds as described to us in this segment of the poem, "Not That Different".

"Now we’re in the 21st century,
We’re all part of the human race.
We’ve gone past color of skin,
And difference in religion.
Now it’s all about sexual disgrace.
I see them shake their heads in great disgust.
They all think they’re so much better than us.
They bow their heads in shame,
Then turn and walk away.
But really,
We’re not that different at all…"

The author, Kim C. Tavares, clearly send a message to her readers through her book; a message that show us how cruel the world can be, but also how one can take positive action and overcome all.
Here is yet another segment of a poem that the reader will read in the book, "Inside Out", and will be inspire by: "We Can Do It"

"We can make a difference,
We can reach our goal,
We can even change the world,
And make it whole..."

Recommendation: Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends "Inside Out" as one of the most inspirational books of poetry reviewed by this site. Thank You Kim for bringing your life to us through your poetic words.

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Publisher: Blue Monday Publishing
ISBN: 0-9672031-0-4
Pages: 72




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