Jealousy Questions for Women

"Know Thy Self"

Jealousy Questions for Women

This is the Jealousy questions for women section. I ask the jealousy based questions and you provide the answers! The answers that you provide are not for anyone else to read. (We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission.) By answering these questions, you will be thinking about how you feel about specific subjects relating to your feelings and how you normally handle specific Jealousy issues in your life. Answering these questions will make you think about how well you deal with your jealousy issues and also how you could better deal with those issues at that same time. You may find as you're answering the jealousy questions that you are responding to the questions in terms of how you would, ideally, like to be. Please resist that temptation and answer, instead, from a place of complete self-honesty. Answer as truthfully as possible and try to write a detailed answer. Your own words WILL help you more than you can imagine!


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How often to you feel tapped by jealousy?
Do you feel jealous or insecure when you are alone, with your partner or just when you are out amongst others?
Describe the first feeling that you experience when you feel threatened or insecure?
Is your partner actually doing things that should make you jealous? If so, make a list of the suspicious behavior.
Have you ever tried to put yourself in your partners place in search for understanding how damaging jealousy is? Please explain.
Have you experienced jealousy in past relationships? If so, what how have you tried to overcome it?
Have you ever identified with jealousy emotions as being attributed to your own self-image and self acceptance issues?
Do you ever feel that you need to control your partner's actions in order to avoid your jealous feelings? Please explain.
Is jealousy an issue for you with any other relationships other than with your With other family members, work associates, or even with strangers at a social function?
Do you or your partner have past relationships that tend to make jealousy a real issue in your present relationship? If so, how does it effect your relationship?
How does your partner deal with your insecurities?
It is imperative that you deal with your jealousy immediately. If your partner is doing something to cause you to feel jealous, do you discuss the issue with him right away or do you wait until it becomes out of control?
When you feel jealousy, do you more feel the sense of insecurity and neediness, or a sense of abandonment, or the sense of being betrayed?
When discussing jealousy issues with your partner, does the conversation usually turn into angry behavior, blaming, judging, getting defensive, or silence by one or the other partner?
Safety , trust & acceptance are the only solutions to fear, insecurity and vulnerability. When discussing jealousy issues with your partner, do not let blame or judgment enter the conversation at all. This is about creating more safety in the relationship. Do you think that you can have a discussion of this type? If not why?
Statistically, very few first relationships work out longterm. However, you can count on this to be true: if you do not learn right now to stand up for what you want (in a healthy, non-needy, non-judgmental, non-blaming, but very effective way) . Do you think that you can stand up for what you want right now? If not, why?
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These questions are for YOU to get to know YOU!

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