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Jewels Treasured By Her Family Book Review



About the Author: Julia Johnson resides in Belton, MO, USA. She is 43 years old and loves to live life with a smile.

About the Book: Jewels Treasured By Her Family: Do we not look for books that tell us a story that will help us discover a secret place? A place where we can loose ourselves. A true escape from reality!
Do we not seek out stories of love, happiness, mysteries, secrets, truths, tears, first kisses, & forever loves?
In Julia Johnson's book, JEWELS Treasured by Her Family, you will find all of these things and more!
The author's very well written words, tell the story through the eyes of Beth, the youngest daughter of the Flynn Family. You will experience through the stories characters all of the emotions and morals that you yourself try to teach and live by in your own family.
You will be drawn into a story about a families love for one another. You will feel so much a part of their trials and tribulations, it will bring tears to your eyes. The family also teaches us through their personalities just how equal we are no matter what our race or color is.
JEWELS Treasured by Her Family is filled with a unique reality, imagination & humor which leaves you, the reader with a sense of longing. You will long for the depths of love, that you will be part of as you spend a few hours in the life of the Flynn Family.
The characters in this story are well described and plotted strategically through out the story so that the reader gets to know them all. You will meet Jewels, her sisters and brother. You will commend their mother and father for a job well done. The relationships between family, friends and co-workers will not only impress you but will waken your own feelings of humanity.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, ”Jewels Treasured By Her Family”. The authors ability to capture her readers minds is truly amazing! This book is a must for readers, young and old. There is positive gain for anyone that steps into the lives of the Flynn Family.





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