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Cindy Tuttle


About the Author:

  Cindy has worked with people with severe disabilities for over 30 years. They have taught her much about God and the important things of life. Her vision is to tell of her gratitude to God and how God is alive today, just as He has been in the past and will be in the future. How God has helped everyone at different points in their life and to be aware of the truth about ourselves, with love and gratitude to God.  She has a degree in Human Services, and is certified by the State as an Activity Director. Cindy has been fortunate enough to host a cable television show and has been interviewed on television twice. She will be in a documentary on mental health that will be coming out soon. She has developed (with the help of her spiritual advisor) a way to live a vowed life, which has been blessed by the Catholic Church. Most importantly, Cindy has a joy that cannot be repressed. She seems to have this strong desire to share the joy of God, through many avenues. They include writing, singing, dancing, retreats, and being a lector at Church. Cindy says, "Thank you so much for letting me share my journey with you. I am humbled by your support. Thanks be to God! "



 About the Book:


 Joyful Surrender is a very well written memoir about a women who spent years of her life in search of fulfilling her Spiritual Quest. Her Quest was one initiated through her own  innate desire to commit to God. Cindy Tuttle shares with her readers her Spiritual Journey and what seemed to be an exhausting and almost never ending road to what she felt to be her natural path in her life. This book reaches out to its readers through inspirational and Spiritual focus which offers a new and creative way to live what Cindy Tuttle calls, "A Vowed Life"





 Highly recommends, JOYFUL SURRENDER to all educators and people young and old as a true Spiritual resource book and most of all a bright light that will guide you through all of the negative elements that continuously work to blind your Spirituality throughout your life!

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Category: Religion
Publisher: Publish America
Type: Non-Fiction
Pages: 42
ISBN: 1606103164
Copyright: July 28,2008





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