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Based on a True Story

Lucy Day


About the Author:

Lucy Day writes about a fun loving kid, Francis Tompkins. Francis was born in 1956, growing up in the suburbs of London. She was an outgoing confident child, eager to enjoy life but as she grew, she began to realise her home-life wasn’t a happy one. When her parent’s marriage eventually falls apart, she finds herself isolated, confused and unable to know what to do for the best. She leaves home and without parental guidance, becomes involved with a man she perceives as able to understand. They later marry and have a child, Emma. However, with little money between them, pressure of work and being a new Dad all becomes too much for him. A breakdown follows but as he refuses to seek help, he slips into another life one in which the only person to blame for his predicament is Francis and this leads the relationship into one of violence. Emma never spoke of the problems in her home but drew it in a series of drawings, some of which are illustrated in this book. They show the silent voice of a child unable to change things around her. A truly heart-rending story. For every book sold in this category, we will donate monies to relevant charities on your behalf.


About the Book:

" This book is written in the trust it will help all those suffering from domestic violence" (excerpt from book)

Do you feel trapped and alone in an emotional whirlwind relationship?

Do you want so much to escape, but cannot?

Do you fear for your life or the life of your child?

Are you caught in a love/hate relationship?

If any of these questions make you feel uneasy or like your thoughts have just been revealed...then ..""Just Another Day" is a must for you to read.

Just Another Day is a story about a mother and daughter equally trapped in their own separate worlds of emotional and physical abuse. This story will make your skin crawl and your frustration levels rise above boiling point.  You will not only feel the negative control and the invisible walls of prison that surround the mother and daughter, but you will also want to scream at the top of your lungs words of encouragement and strength has you are brought into Lucy Days world.

There are many women and children in this world that are in the position that  the author writes about in this story.The difference in the ending to this true life story is that Lucy Day breaks free of the horrible prison she and her daughter were held captive in.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: Just Another Day to all women and children trapped in a relationship that deems threatening and unhealthy. Life is not meant to be lived in fear and pain. This book is written in hopes to reach and educate women trapped. It is also written to educate and give hope that can free you and allow you to live in freedom and peace. I commend Lucy Day for her courage in having the strength to relive her nightmares in order to be able to reach out and free other victims of abuse!


 Reviewed by DorothyL  (Aug08)


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