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Living Nightmares of Abuse Book Review


Title: Living Nightmares of Abuse
Author: Phyllis Benton
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 1413791565
Pages: 178

About the Author: Phyllis Benton was born and raised in McKinley, Maine, a small fishing harbor community. She was one of eight children and was raised in a house with no running water or electricity. Her mother was usually always cooking, cleaning or tending to the children. Her father was always working menial jobs and did what he could to feed his family. Phyllis grew up only knowing what was in her world. Her world was not full of riches; it was in fact very meager. Phyllis’s world took a tremendous turn for the worst when her mother left for an easier life. Phyllis’s father had no choice but to hand his eight children over to the county for foster care. This is where her journey of true survival began. Phyllis went from many foster homes to a marriage that failed and then on to an even more horrific life as a battered wife. Phyllis Benton’s desire to survive as you will reads in her book is amazing and she has proven to be a very strong woman. Her ability to complete and earn a college degree in Office Systems Technology from Mitchell Community College in North Carolina was one of her highest moments in her journey of life. I am honored to have been asked to review Phyllis’s book. It is truly a journey of strength and survival.

About the Book: Living Nightmares of Abuse
"Living Nightmares of Abuse" is a very well written biography. Phyllis shows great ability in her descriptive techniques with every word she uses in writing about her life. This book is one of several types of abuse. Phyllis shares with us through this book her horrors of child abuse, wife battery, and pure fear of being imprisoned and stalked by men in her life that she trusted enough to marry. Living Nightmares of Abuse will make you hate and even want to take action against wife abusers. You will be amazed at the strength that Phyllis finds deep within herself, when she finds herself at the mercy of wife abuse again and again. With no money and no place to go, she continues onward, taking her readers with her through her book, to experience the pain and loneliness that kept her going forward. This book was written in hopes to share a story of survival when one feels up against all odds. Additionally, “Living Nightmares of Abuse” will also bring to you a feeling of joy as Phyllis shares her dream come true when she finally meets a man that not only shows her respect but also teaches her to take life as it comes and to, “not worry about things she cannot change”.

Recommendation: Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends this book to anyone that feels they are trapped in an abusive relationship and will never get out. Thank you Phyllis for sharing your life with womensselfesteem.com!


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Living Nightmares of Abuse is available for purchase @ AMAZON.COM

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