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Miracles Are Guarenteed Book Review

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Miracles Are Guaranteed: A Handbook for Living
Miracles Are Guaranteed

Book Title- Miracles Are Guaranteed
Author- Bill Ferguson
Paperback- 159 pages
Publisher- Return to the Heart (2006)
Language- English
ISBN- 1878410202
About the Author:
Bill Ferguson went from divorce lawyer to relationship counselor. He also runs two very informative websites, leads various programs dealing with relationship issues, founded a program in 2002, “Stop The Conflict” and he continues his journey in helping educate people in the school of life.
His success as an author has brought him an invitation to the Oprah Show, not to mention being highly recommended by the Wall Street Journal. Bill Ferguson resides in Houston, Texas where he consistently thinks of more ways to help people learn to deal with their real everyday issues.

About the book:
"Miracles Are Guaranteed" was written to teach us (the readers), and make us aware of how our minds choose to avoid and resist and fight, rather than accept and embrace our inner feelings. With our minds being in a constant conflict, we live life experiencing feelings of upset and fear with every breathe we take, when we should be living with feelings of peace and love, which the two keys are in living a happy life. Another very important revelation that Bill Ferguson awakens our minds to see more clearly is how we must learn to accept the things we cannot change, and through that acceptance we will feel peace and find true happiness. The book "Miracles Are Guaranteed" is an excellent source of step-by-step guaranteed results in finding lost love, learning to be free of internal hurts that control our happiness, and as Bill Ferguson wrote, “Creating a life that works”.

WomensSelfesteem.com highly recommends "Miracles Are Guaranteed" for anyone searching for a way to feel the simplicity of loving life!

More Information is available through Bill Ferguson's websites. They are list here:
www.masteryoflife.com and www.divorceasfriends.com

Miracles Are Guarenteed is available for purchase. Click the Book Cover below:

Miracles Are Guaranteed: A Handbook for Living
Miracles Are Guaranteed: A Handbook for Living

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