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From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self Book Review



Author- Frannie Hoffman

Frannie Hoffman was born in Canada. She was born one of three babies or a triplet. Her life began as normal as most. She graduated from the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada. At the age of seventeen Frannie started her modeling career also in Toronto, Canada. Her career as a model lasted fifteen years before an illness took control of her, an environmental illness that lead her into a journey of self-cleansing and self-realizations. At that point in her life, she was forced to move to a more southern part of the world where the air was cleaner and she could somewhat get a hold of her illness. Frannie Hoffman has raised two children and now lives with her husband on Anna Marie Island in Florida. She also continues to offer mediation circles, retreats, workshops and she also offers private counseling sessions. Frannie Hoffman is an inspiring authoress, and through her words, she encourages people to gain an understanding of the purpose of their lives and how to find the destiny creatively designed for them. Frannie tells her story of how she reaches into her self and shares with us her deep mystical experience of the awakening of her inner self. Her story also tells of her disciplines as she works with her inner mind and also the practice of intentional silence.

Womensselfesteem.coms review...

“From Modeling Clothes To Modeling Self” is a true challenging read that will make you think about your own inner-self. Chapter by chapter, Frannie Hoffman takes her readers on an inner journey. This journey encouraged her to achieve her goals, and in so doing, lead her into a spiritual life, a spiritual life that she in turns brings to others through her writings and teachings.

I found Frannie Hoffman’s book “From Modeling Clothes To Modeling Self”, intellectually exciting and spiritually satisfying. Her book is beautifully written with style and elegance. This book is a total spiritual food for the mind and soul, a must to read.


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