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Setting your browser's start-up page to will enable you to access us automatically when you load your browser, or by simply clicking your browser's *Home* icon.

Here's how:

Here's how to set as your start-up page:


  • Netscape Communicator 4.01 - 4.78
    1. Click "Edit" on menu bar

    2. Click "Preferences"
    3. Click the "Home Page" radio button
    4. In the "Location" text-entry box, enter ""
  • Netscape 3.0+
    1. Click "Options" on menu bar
    2. Click "General Preferences..."
    3. Select "Appearance" tab
    4. In the "Startup" section, click the "Home Page Location" button
    5. In the "Startup" section, enter "" in the text-entry box.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    1. Go to start page
    2. Click "Tools" on menu bar
    3. Click "Internet Options"
    4. Select "General" tab
    5. Click button "Use Current" then click "Apply" or Type in, then click "Apply"
  • AOL Web Browser:
    1. Add as your start-up page by clicking "Prefs"
    2. Change Home Page location to "

Here's how to add

to your bookmarks / favorites list:


  • Netscape
    1. Click "Bookmarks" on menu bar
    2. Click "Add Bookmark"

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer:
    1. Click "Favorites" on menu bar
    2. Click "Add To Favorites"

  • AOL Web Browser
    1. Click "Favorite Places" on tool bar
    2. Click "ADD FAVORITE PLACE" button
    3. Type ""
    4. Type ""
    5. Click "CLOSE" button



..Donation`s are appreciated..

Yes.. there is now a donation button in several spots around the selfesteem forum and the website.

This was not my actually came from a few of the self-esteem members as they understand the amount of time and monies that it takes to bring all of the information and self-esteem support to these pages for all of you.

The donation is set at its minimum of $1.00.
So feel free to support so that we can continue to support you!
Thank you so much in advance!

$1.00 is all it takes!




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