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Scars & Scratches

Book Title: Scars & Scratches:
A collection of poetry & short stories

Author Of Book: Bobb Rousseau
ISBN# 978-1-58909-421-5
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Number Of Pages: 180

About the Author:
Bob Rousseau was born in Haiti. As a boy, he always dreamed to be a writer. Although this dream was not within reach right away, one day it became a reality.
Bob Rouusseau graduated from the University of Haiti with a bachelor degree in Law. He worked as a teacher and as a Human Rights Attorney for Haitian International Solidarity (HSI).
He co-owned with Jean K. Barthelemy a desktop publishing company, which served the community’s printing and designing needs for over two years.
He came in the United States in 2000. The same year, he joined the United States Army. While in the service, he attended Webster University with which he graduated with a master degree in Management and a master degree in Human Resources Development. He is currently enrolled in the Information Technology master degree program.

About The Book:
"All women are the same and will react the same when facing the same challenge."
"Women regardless of their status or background fall in love the same way, and even hate the same way"
"Do You Know Why?"
These few lines are just a tease at what you will read when you travel through the dimensions of the relationships the author describes in this book, Scars & Scratches.
This book will reveal through the authors words many characteristics of the human behavior that will make many of his readers feel as though a breeze of dejavu has just wisped right through them.
Scars and Scratches is a very well thought out and written book of poetry and short stories. The poetry is very powerful and serves a very real purpose to each story.
This book will introduce the writing style of the author and his ability to turn words into a visual reality. Bobb Rousseau shares with his readers how different people justify and reason certain aspects of their relationships. You will also feel the pain, the hurt, the deception, the love and even the contempt that some of these women suffer throughout his stories.
You will meet the girlfriend, the lover, the wife and even the daughter within these pages. The short stories you read will invite you into several lives of women whom were all touched by one man.
His ability to reach their hearts and souls through their own deep desires and sexual needs will amaze you.

Womensselfesteem.com recommends, Scars & Scratches as a very interesting read for any women or man that struggle with inner passions and desires or need to feel that they are not alone in the never-ending relationship roller-coaster! There is not one relationship that would not benefit from some hind site. The matters of the heart are definitely what this read is about.


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