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     April Showers

TITLE OF BOOK: April Showers
AUTHOR: Ann Maisy Scott
PUBLISHER: Publish America
PAGES: 380


Anne Maisy Scott was born in Toledo, Ohio.  Even though she moved from my hometown long ago, she still holds Toledo near and dear to her heart.  April Showers is based in North Toledo.  The author's childhood memories, as many of you can relate, are a roller coaster of experiences with many highs and lows along with many unexpected twists and turns.  This story is FICTION, but a hint of "her" is embedded within its pages.

Anne Maisy Scott currently reside in Central Michigan, which is absolutely beautiful!  She moved here from Indiana two years ago.  She lived in North Central Indiana, which is ten miles East of Kokomo.  With moving so often, she has had the opportunity of meeting so many different individuals who have made an impact on her in one form or another. "How will you be remembered?" will always be April's legacy.



"How will You be Remembered"

The author, Anne Maisy Scott takes you into her world, where you will find yourself tearful, smiling, frustrated, disgusted, angry, happy, resentful,  even loving but most of all forgiving as you delve deeper into her family memories.

April Showers is about family dynamics and the many positives and negatives that build a family foundation. It is truly a novel written with a purpose and a serious reality. The purpose being th awaken it's readers up to the importance of family and history.

The reality being that there is no perfect family nor  is there a perfect world. There will always be storms to overcome and get through as well as an inviting calmness to give us strength to build our hopes as well as strengthen our family bonds.

The key being forgiveness, so that you can move forward in your own life and learn from your past.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, April Showers as a must for every age group. It is an essential part of the learning curve in preparing people for the storms of family life. It offers foresight and guidance to all of us that have been challenged with family struggles. April Showers  teaches us also the true meaning of two very important keys to living healthy and happy, those being: moving forward and forgiveness!









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