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reSTYLEing your LIFE Book Review


reSTYLEing your LIFE
by Mary White

Title: reSTYLEing your LIFE
Author: Mary White
Publisher: www.lulu.com
Pages: 46 Hard Copy or E-Book

About the Author: Mary White; Originally from upstate New York, I arrived in Australia some 30 years ago with a now ex-husband and two young children. We came for a year's holiday. Life happened, we discovered Adelaide and we stayed. My working background is in Administration/Public Relations. I held various jobs in this field - particularly rewarding was as Head of Promotions/PR with a local major department store and shopping centre. However, my last paid position was that of Station Manager for Adelaide's (South Australia) largest Public Radio Station (now known as 'three d radio'). Years ago - for no particular reason, I started a local amateur theatre group, which ran most successfully - both financially profitable and personally satisfying. I have dabbled in writing - or rather, the concept of wanting to be a writer for almost ever. Last year I completed my first full-fledged script (CATSKILL). I am extremely pleased with the finished product and believe it definitely has 'legs'! I have also had published a one act play “A Baby Boomer’s Lament” and a self-help workbook entitled “reSTYLEing your LIFE”. Currently, I am about half way through my next screenplay. I still miss bits of living in the States (went back 'home' about 6 years ago and visited Vancouver with friends 2 years ago) - but my love affair with Australia reigns. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful, vaguely normal, slightly wacky kind ‘a life – I hope it lingers around for a long time to come!

A few thoughts from Mary White:
“Through the years, I have come across a number of people who have been truly dissatisfied with their lives and the direction in which they seemed to be heading. To this end, I believe that LIFESTYLES can become ADDICTIVE. The problem may be that they feel powerless in being able to do anything to inspire change in themselves and/or their circumstances. I think I have created a solution.”

About the Book: "reSTYLEing your LIFE" is a very interesting workbook that reaches deep inside its reader’s ability to form thought patterns. This book is an excellent form of self-therapy that can be done over and over again. It relates to thought training, which as for most humans is the only way to live a healthy and balanced quality of life. This is a small description from the book, it is quite self-explanatory:
“Powered by the belief that - if asked the right questions most people can use their own answers to shift their lives back on track – this innovative strategy in motivational workbook form provides a no frills twelve step path which gives the reader the insight to either endorse that where they are is the right place for them to be (contrary to the expectations of others) or highlight the need for simple fine-tuning (contrary to their own struggle to fit in). The guidelines reflective set out in this workbook can be used repeatedly, in any sequence, depending on which aspect of life seems out of balance at the time!”
In this workbook you will be faced with questions such as this:
-Who am I deep down inside?
-How will these changes to my lifestyle benefit others and, therefore, myself?
-When did I become self-absorbed?
-How do I keep my genuine feelings and beliefs strong and constant?
-When did I stop caring about the well-being of my mental, emotional and/or physical state?
-Who am I trying to look like by the way I do/or do not eat?
-Who am I trying to live like?
-Who is more special than any one else on this planet?
-Who have I hurt?
-Who do I believe in?

These are questions that require total thought provoking and honest answers, which will help introduce to you the real person that you are meant to be.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends,”reSTYLEing your LIFE” to every person that has ever doubted their confidence or self-esteem for even one second!

Thank You Mary White for sharing your great work with Womensselfesteem.com


reSTYLEing your LIFE Is available for purchase and download. Go to www.lulu.com



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