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Secrets Men Do Not Know About Women 

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Title: Secrets Men Do Not Know About Women
Author: Judith Arledge-Poindexter
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 1424127637
Pages: 52 paperback

About the Author: Judith Arledge-Poindexter was one of five children, born in a small town in Louisiana and full of imagination. Her father was one of her strongest inspirations, being an accomplished writer himself was a definite plus for Judith. As Judith grew up her own writing style began to unfold. By the time she went to graduate school, she began to put her thoughts and words in print. She has been working in the academia field for the past four years and spends her free time enjoying life with her family and her dog, Tinkerbell.

Judith wrote this book in the hopes that her experiences as a women and lessons she herself has learned through her own relationships will benefit some of her readers in their relationships and add a little bit of positive feelings at the same time.

About the Book: "Secrets Men Do Not Know About Women" is a very enlightening, light hearted read, full of common sense thoughts. Its humor will turn a serious situation into a smile and make one wonder if they have ever been in that situation before. This book will answer many questions that men have been wondering about for many years. Judith brings forth thoughts such as these:
“I think that most relationships start off with some sort of a biological chemistry and some end with a psychological explosion.”
“Stop misrepresenting one’s self and start being real.” “I really don’t think that men are really that misleading. They are to women if the relationships do not go the way “we” (women) think they should.”
“Sex is part of the equation but not all of it. Women want to feel wanted. They also want security, companionship and MONEY. Just kidding or am I?”

Is it true that women tell men only what men wan to hear in order to catch them?
Do women search for the money tree: Eg: their first question is in regards to your career or even read obituaries, looking for fresh widowers?
Men do women want to know all the sordid events of your previous relationships?
Do women get pregnant just to trap a man?
Are women taught from birth how to get her way/

These are some of the questions or mysteries about women that you will get the answers to according to Judith when you read her book: Secrets Men Do Not Know About Women.

Recommendation: Womensselfesteem.com recommends "Secrets Men Do Not Know About Women" to every person that is looking forward to or is already in a relationship. It will open a few doors and close a few at the same time.
Thank you Judith for sharing this book with my site and allowing me to share it with the world!

Secrets Men Do Not Know About Women Is available for purchase@ AMAZON.COM






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