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Publisher: Outskirts Pess Inc.

 ISBN: 978-1-4327-2115-2

 Pages: 356




Lisa Bressard found herself  unfortunately a victim deception and of domestic violence. It is her hope that by telling her story through this book, she will be of help to shine a light to guide and educate other women caught up in similar situations of domestic violence. Lisa presently resides in Arizona.



SILENT VICTIM RUNNING FREE is a women's story of a Cinderella's Dream turn to a nightmare in hell! In this well written and easy to read story you will meet  a couple who meet, fall in love, marry, have children. Throughout this story you develop a strong dislike for the husband due to his beliefs and cultural differences in the treatment of women. You will also become very unsettled in the way the justice(court) system is fooled and blinded by his very manipulating ways.

Your feelings for the wife/author will be of confusion, frustration, pity, and  even supportive as she makes vital and unconceivable decisions based on the safety of her children. The very decisions made to protect her children are what almost cost her the loss of her children as she choses to remain in an abusive marriage. Silent Victim Running Scared is living proof that if you have something to hold onto, anything can be overcome!

WOMENSSELFESTEEM.COM highly recommends SILENT VICTIM RUNNING as a vital warning to anyone that enters a relationship with another of a different culture and belief system. Consider Lisa's compelling story a gift of hind site.  It is also important to realize that people are not at fault for how they are raised and the beliefs they have except when they are choosing to step outside of their own country. As Lisa shares with you in her story of abuse, you will realize that  spousal abuse is a very confusing and weakening experience when dealing with matters of the heart.

Reviewed by DorothyL@womensselfesteem.com (May 2008)


***Note from Dorothy***

We must learn to say NO to all abuse. We must learn to disable all abusers, bullies and pedophiles.

We must educate our children to learn to say NO!



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