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Skinny Bitch

Bun in the Oven

A Gutsy Guide to Becoming One Hot and Healthy Mother!

Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin



Times Best Seller List for their first book Skinny Bitch.

They have followed up with a New York Times bestselling cookbook, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. Rory Freeman lives in Los Angeles, CA. Kim Barnouin lives in Delray Beach, FL.


Are you Pregnant?

Are you healthy?

Do you want to experience a Healthy Pregnancy?

Do you want to be a Hot & Healthy Mom?

If you nod yes to all of the above questions, then I assume that you already have 'Skinny Bitch, Bun in the Oven in your handbag or on your coffee table! The information in this book  is very effective, accurate and up to date.  Skinny Bitch..Bun in the Oven is all about how to be a healthy new mom so that you can give birth to a very healthy new baby and raise them in a very positive and healthy inner-balance! It truly is THE book to have as your best friend.

The authors offer very effective information on everything from a-z in regards to health and emotional balance. They cover everything from Satanic-sugar, proper baby foods and baby-care products, baby-blues, bowel movements, vitamin goodness, loving yourself, sex and more. Most of all you will learn how to be the best you can to to yourself and your baby!

Womensselfesteem.com HIGHLY recommends: Skinny Bitch...Bun in the Oven as one of the coolest, to the point, no-frills, no words barred, factual and well written resource books to hit the shelves to date for new moms & dads! This book also is an essential part of a new moms gift bag.  What are you waiting for...go get it!


           Dorothy Lafrinere 

             Reviewed 10/08






  Publisher: Perseus Publishing
  Pub. Date: September 2008
  ISBN-13: 9780762431052



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