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You can help thousands of women find their freedom. If you have a personal story about abuse, fear, depression or survival, you are welcome to send in your story. This story must be true censoring will be done as this is your real life story. Real information is what women need.. First of all, let me tell you this; I will not tell you what to write. What you want to share with the world is up to you. I know that it may be hard for you to put your story into words, but your courage to write your story will help many, including you. We do not have to include your name. Don't be afraid to tell the truth or to be too graphic in your comments. Please, DO NOT be-little your story. The women that read this need the as a vicitm of abuse need to tell the truth in order to free yourself. Your life story/article will help thousands of women. Below, are some basic suggestions on how to layout and write your story. If you are not a member of, please do register above. It's free.



Important things to consider before sending in your story:

    • Your story should be at least 1/2 page long if typed out on paper. Try to read your story as someone else would read it. Read every word as it is written and try to make sure it will be understood by others, including myself.
    • Before sending in your story, please spell check if you can. It will save me a lot of time.

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By submitting your story for publishing, you are also giving permission to publish your story in a real book, unless otherwise stated. For most people, having their story in a real book is a step towards helping to free another vicitm.















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Yes.. there is now a donation button in several spots around the selfesteem forum and the website.

This was not my actually came from a few of the self-esteem members as they understand the amount of time and monies that it takes to bring all of the information and self-esteem support to these pages for all of you.

The donation is set at its minimum of $1.00.
So feel free to support so that we can continue to support you!
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